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Leveraging Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

Managing labor costs is always one of the biggest challenges restaurants face. Back-of-house technology has made it easier than ever to create schedules optimized for your location.

Improving Margins with Advanced Reporting

Better reporting means better decisions. If your back-of-house system delivers the reports you actually need, you can adjust labor, determine your menu mix, or tweak purchasing. Reporting can be your secret to success.

Restaurant Management Software: A Buyer's Guide to Back of House

Modernize, align, and expand your franchises by implementing a back of house solution that can help your brand grow.

Don't Fall for the Frankenware Trap

If you’re starting the procurement process, you know how much is riding on this decision. Learn what to look for when choosing your vendor, and what to avoid.

How to Thrive After Reopening by Harnessing Your Back of House

Navigating the changes that have come with COVID-19 feels like playing a game of Twister, but if you lose you could go out of business.

Keeping Your Restaurant Nimble in a Crisis with Back-of-House Technology

Your strategy isn’t set in stone once your back-of-house system is implemented. Instead, a good back-of-house system should help you respond quickly when issues come up.

Manage Mitigation Efforts with Back-of-House Systems

Navigating safety for COVID-19 can feel a bit like playing whack-a-mole with new procedures always being implemented. But your back-of-house system could be helping you manage your COVID-19 response more effectively.

The Restaurant Training Guide for Quick-Service and Fast Casual Restaurants

Improve customer experience, employee retention, and profitability by implementing a restaurant training program that fits and enhances your brand.

RFIS 2022 Discussion Panel: Attracting Multi-Unit Franchisees

VP of Sales, Brett Berger, along with several top industry leaders lead a discussion panel on “How to Attract Multi-Unit Franchisees.” Check out the compiled guide from the panel below.

On-Demand Webinars

New Features in Our Cover App

Join us as we showcase the new features in our Cover App.

Redesigned to simplify the UX/UI and make it even easier for you and your teams to manage your staff, communications, and checklists, and more.

See the latest updates with Cover. 

Unveiling the Secrets to Savvy Restaurant Accounting

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we delve into the art of mastering restaurant accounting.

From financial finesse to optimizing operations, our experts will share invaluable best practices, tips, and tricks to keep your restaurant’s financial health in top-notch condition.

Managing the Change Before the Changes

Mastering change management is a fundamental skill for technology leaders, demanding a blend of strategic prowess, effective communication, meticulous planning, and flawless execution. 

See how industry leaders manage the change processes for their brands in this webinar.

New Features in the Schedule Editor Tool

 We’re thrilled to introduce you to the exciting new features coming to our Schedule Editing tool. These enhancements are designed to streamline your scheduling process, improve user experience, and provide you with more control and visibility over your staff scheduling.

Meet SynergySuite Food Safety & Operational Checklist Tool

Live product webinar showcasing SynergySuite’s fully revamped food safety and operations checklist tool. 

See how your restaurants can get even more done.

How to Build Your "Employer Brand" Recruit, Onboard, Retain

How to Build Your “Employer Brand” Recruit, Onboard, & Retain Successful teams.

The Big Two: Managing Food & Labor Across Franchisees & Regions

As rising food and labor costs continue to put restaurants at risk, it’s more important than ever to be able to effectively monitor and manage costs across all locations.

Watch the live recording to see how you can increase your margins today.

How to Simplify Restaurant Scheduling Across Locations

In this webinar, Part Three of our  Operational Insight Webinar Series, we discuss restaurant tech solutions to simplify labor & scheduling.

How to Integrate Tech Solutions to Streamline Restaurant Operations

In this webinar, Part Two of our  Operational Insight Webinar Series, we discuss integrated restaurant tech solutions.

How to Streamline Your Restaurants with Workflows

Using workflows can increase software adoption in your restaurants, and streamline efficiency. Watch the live recording to learn more about workflows!

Managing Food Costs As Commodities Spike

Watch our webinar as we discuss Costa Vida’s success amidst the ever-changing landscape of supply-chain issues, inflation, and labor challenges over the last few years.

On-Demand RFIS 2022 Panel: Attracting Multi-Unit Franchisees

Franchising is all about growing a brand’s presence, but while some brands thrive at capturing the attention of successful multi-unit operators, others fall flat.


2023 State of Restaurant Technology Report

Wondering if your enterprise is struggling with the same tech-stack developments as other brands? Or are you ahead of the game? Find out with our 2023 #Restec report.

Where Do Ghost Kitchens Fit In Your Future?

Do you know what the future of ghost kitchens may hold and whether you could benefit?

Set Your Restaurant Up for Recovery & Success

As many restaurants begin to adjust to the new reality of business in a pandemic, you can begin planning now to set your restaurant up for success when restrictions begin to lift.

Give Guests Confidence to Return

We looked at a recent study of top things people say are important as they look at dining again, and how you can provide those things to bring your customers back faster.

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Cubby's Upgrades Tech Stack to Expand Growth Across the USA

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Improves Data Intelligence to Scale Growth

Shipley Do-Nuts Finds Efficiency & ROI

Costa Vida Saves 2% on Food, $400/week on Labor

Church’s Chicken Saves 2% on Food, Gains Hours Back with Comprehensive Reporting

Quiznos Sub Saves 4% on Labor, 2% on Food

Chawke Pub Group Sees 7.7% Growth in Profits

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