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Restaurant Analytics and Reporting Made Simple

As any business owner knows, Access to the right data is instrumental in tracking inventory, shipments, and employee performance. 

However, data is not enough. 

Being able to quickly turn that raw data from your restaurant reporting platform into actionable insight is crucial for efficient restaurant operations. Restaurant operators need a robust restaurant analytics tool to turn raw data about food costs, inventory reports, customer behavior, and other business metrics into actionable data and smarter decisions. 

The restaurant industry is fiercely competitive meaning that business performance has to be top notch. There is little room for error. Small problems can result in big costs for restaurants.

Many of the problems and challenges of running a restaurant can be solved or avoided with the right restaurant analytics platform and restaurant reporting tools. We offer restaurant analytics software that captures and presents your data in an easy-to-understand dashboard. 

We make it simple to use your valuable data to save time, improve profitability, make data-driven decisions, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Consolidate Data From Multiple Sources

The restaurant business is multi-faceted. Tie it all together. By connecting directly to your existing point-of-sale, accounting system, and suppliers, reports show the latest data in real time. See our integration partners.

View profitability in real time for each store by leveraging food and labor costs.

Eliminate manual data transfer and consolidation from different systems, and access reports on any device to get real-time insight and up-to-the-moment information.

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SynergySuite Mobile Reporting

Surface the right data by leveraging built-in reports, or create custom reports with a full business intelligence suite. Featured reports include product margin analysis, geographical analysis, daily store summary, live inventory movement, and actual vs theoretical variance.

Our restaurant analytics solution allows you to filter, sort, and drill down to check-level detail for in-depth analysis.

Completely Customizable Restaurant Analytics

Custom reports can be easily created using our optional full business intelligence suite.

Custom user profiles allow appropriate access at each level of your organization, showing employees only the reports they need.

Reports can show either single-store or a combined view based on the user profile.

Reports can be emailed automatically as often as you prefer—anything from daily to annually.

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Restaurant Analytics and Reporting Software FAQs

Learn more about SynergySuite’s restaurant analytics and reporting software.

Restaurant analytics is the process of analyzing and interpreting data from various sources within a restaurant to gain insights into its operations and performance. These sources may include sales data, customer feedback, inventory data, employee performance data, and more.

By analyzing this data, restaurant owners and managers can make informed decisions about their business, such as menu changes, pricing adjustments, staffing levels, and marketing strategies. Restaurant analytics can also help identify areas for improvement, such as inefficiencies in kitchen operations or areas of the menu that are not selling well.

Restaurant analytics and reporting software is designed to collect, organize, and analyze real-time data from various sources within a restaurant and across restaurant locations to provide insights and actionable information to owners and managers. This software can automate many of the manual tasks associated with data collection and analysis, providing real-time updates and dashboards to help users make informed decisions about their business.

SynergySuite is designed to integrate directly with your POS, accounting, payroll and broadline distributors. View the list of compatible integrations.

Yes. Choose from pre-built reports within SynergySuite or create custom reports to gain valuable insights that are specific to your brand goals and metrics.

We provide the reports managers need for day-to-day operations within SynergySuite.

You can schedule any of the SynergySuite standard reports to any user or email address that you define.

Yes. We know every organization has a unique structure. SynergySuite is built to streamline, simplify, and organize all levels of your organization.

Yes. Contact your customer service manager to request billing changes.