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Restaurant Reporting Made Simple

Our world is driven by data, and that’s especially true in the restaurant business. Access to the right data can be instrumental in tracking inventory, shipments, and even employee performance. However, data is not enough. Being able to quickly turn that raw data into actionable restaurant reporting is crucial. When you are single-handedly tasked with reporting on everything from restaurant inventory to labor costs, it becomes almost impossible to efficiently keep track using a manual restaurant analytics system. That’s where our suite of restaurant reporting software comes in.

Many of the problems and challenges of running a restaurant can be solved or avoided with the right restaurant reporting tools. We offer restaurant analytics software that organizes your restaurant reporting. We make it simple to use your valuable data to save time, improve profitability, and even ensure you’re maintaining compliance with restaurant regulations.

How do we do that? It’s simple. We offer restaurant analytics software that includes powerful labor, inventory and analytics tools that bring your back office together into one place.

What does that look like? Pre-built restaurant reporting on the metrics that matter to you, plus custom reporting for specific requests. You get access to an accurate single source of analytics to make data-driven decisions. Dig into comprehensive reports and restaurant analytics on sales, inventory and profitability.
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Consolidate Data from Multiple Sources

  • Real-Time Sales Data

    By connecting directly to your existing point-of-sale, accounting and suppliers, reports show the latest data in real time. See our integration partners.

  • Instantly Calculate Profitability

    View profitability in real time for each store by leveraging food and labor costs.

  • Reduce Admin Costs

    Eliminate manual data transfer and consolidation from different systems, and access reports on any device to get up-to-the-moment information.

Gain Key Insights to Improve Profitability

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Surface the right data by leveraging built-in reports, or create custom reports with a full business intelligence suite. Featured reports include product margin analysis, geographical analysis, daily store summary, live inventory movement, and actual vs theoretical variance.

  • Drill Down to Check Level Detail

    Filter, sort and drill down to check level detail for in-depth analysis.

  • Proactive Alerts

    Employees are notified when metrics cross a set threshold, allowing them to address issues before they become problems.

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Completely Customizable

  • Custom Reports

    Custom reports can be easily created using a full business intelligence suite.

  • Appropriate Access for Each User

    Custom user profiles allow appropriate access at each level of your organization, showing only the reports they need.

  • Single-Store and Consolidated Views

    Reports can show either single-store or a combined view based on the user profile.

  • Schedule Reports

    Reports can be emailed automatically as often as you prefer—anything from daily to annually.


What reports are included in a daily restaurant report? SynergySuite offers more than 200 out-of-the box reports, including product margin analysis, geographical analysis, daily store summary, live inventory movement, and actual vs theoretical variance. Want to compare the sales reports of two (or more) of your restaurants in a day? Or over a week or a year or any time frame? SynergySuite can do that. Want a report on what menu items sell best in different locations? SynergySuite can do that. Do you want to see how individual staff members are doing and how satisfied your customers are with their dining experiences? SynergySuite can do that too. Computing these reports manually isn't just difficult, it can be quite time consuming. Our analytics tools can generate these reports in seconds. Want reports on something even more specific? Customers also have the option of adding custom reporting.
Can I restrict reports by role? Yes. We make it easy for the right people to have access to the right reports across your organization. We offer role-based access to reports, so you can configure viewing based on your corporate or franchisee structure.
How do these reports work with other SynergySuite modules? Visit our product overview page to see our other restaurant management products offered in addition to restaurant analytics software. Stop stressing about small, daily emergencies, and focus on what really matters—good food and good people.
Is SynergySuite software scalable? Very! We understand that even the smallest restaurant or food truck can generate a large amount of valuable data and have built our software to help no matter the size of your operation. Whether you own one small food cart or a large chain of franchises spread across the country, our suite of restaurant reporting tools can quickly turn your raw data into readable, actionable reports.
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