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We’re all about helping you take care of the back of house, so you can get back to actually doing what you love. SynergySuite was built by restaurant people who were frustrated by disconnected tech giving disconnected information—so we made something better.

We built a fully integrated back office platform that puts you back in control of your restaurants, with the tools and insight you need to work better. Totally mobile and completely user-friendly in one easy platform. So you can focus on growing your enterprise and delighting your customers, in every location, everytime. With increased margins. See why brands around the world choose SynergySuite.   

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Our History

Our Team

Executive Team

Greg Staley headshot

Greg Staley

Chief Executive Officer

Greg has been working with SaaS customers for 25 years to help them find the right solutions to their problems. He has deepened the company’s focus on meeting customer needs and speaking directly to customers and partners through our sales and marketing efforts. Greg has also led a shift in our product, improving the user experience and feature set.

Eric Sailsbery headshot

Eric Sailsbery

Chief Financial Officer

Eric brings more than three decades of experience in finance, public accounting, and operations to SynergySuite, as well as a passion for growing technology companies. His enthusiasm for building teams and processes is an invaluable part of our executive team.

Jared Neilsen headshot

Jared Nielsen

Chief Technology Officer

Jared has been managing, implementing, deploying, and modernizing technology for more than two decades. He is a talented and experienced manager of global technology teams, and has a passion for helping employees develop their skills. Jared enjoys finding and implementing technology and process improvements to create a better experience for customers.

Niall Fogarty

Niall Fogarty

Chief Architect

As the earliest non-founding employee of SynergySuite, Niall has been a key part of our success from the beginning. Niall is passionate about all things tech, and loves getting to nerd out on product development methodologies, lean product development, and collaborative teams. He is happiest when solving a tough problem or upgrading an existing system to get the best return.

Brett Berger headshot

Brett Berger

Vice President of Sales

Brett is the vice president of sales at SynergySuite, where he leads customer acquisition. Brett has more than 15 years of experience in sales, sales development, banking, and technology, and brings a collaborative perspective to his work. Brett is passionate about driving revenue and profitability for restaurants, and focuses on restaurant needs to understand ways that technology can best help clients meet their goals.

Board of Directors

Bill Beamish

Board Member

Bill has led technology companies for more than 20 years, both as investor and executive. He is the founder and chairman of FieldAware. Previously he founded and served as CEO at Fleetmatics, which he led to a successful IPO.

Bill also played a key role in the success of Smartforce (formerly CBT Systems) through the development of partnership strategies with Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and many others.

Ken Keating

Board Member

Ken has more than 20 years experience in the service and technology industries. He is currently the chairman and CEO of Cross Group, an organization made up of eight service and rental companies in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Ken is also an active technology investor and was a founder of Fleetmatics. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and has qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PWC.

James MacDonald

Board Member

James is a managing director at First Analysis. He works with companies in a variety of sectors and particularly with businesses that provide software solutions and related services to enterprises. Prior to joining First Analysis in 1997, he was a general manager at Nalco Chemical Co., where he played a key role in expanding Nalco’s service offering to include operating and leasing equipment at customer sites.

Bill McCabe Black and White

William McCabe

Advisory Member

Bill was chairman and CEO of Smartforce (formerly CBT systems), the most successful indigenous tech company in Irish corporate history and the largest elearning company in the world.

After 15 years at Smartforce, McCabe stepped down from executive and board positions to found and develop Oyster Capital Partners, a lead investor in and active advisor to SynergySuite.

Corey Greendale

Advisory Member

Corey is a managing director (office of the president) at First Analysis, specializing in research and investment in software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses, particularly in human capital technology. He provides research coverage of leading private and publicly traded companies in his sectors. Prior to joining First Analysis in 2000, he was a development analyst at Systema Corp., where he designed training programs for several large pharmaceutical companies.

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