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Unify, optimize, grow: restaurant management made easy with SynergySuite

SynergySuite Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management Software That Works The Way You Do

SynergySuite is a comprehensive restaurant management platform designed to empower multi-location chains like yours. We offer a robust suite of tools to streamline your operations, optimize efficiency, and unlock significant growth potential.

Inventory Management

Lower food and beverage costs using effective food inventory software with reliable reporting. Our inventory management module provides you with real-time tracking to help cut inventory count time in half, and improves profitability with faster, more accurate inventory tools. 


Have the right ingredients, in the right amounts, and for the right price at all times.

Make your purchasing easy with our Purchasing Module to take advantage of built-in order management, automated invoice matching and pricing updates, and inventory integration.

Reduce food waste and increase profits at the same time.

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Labor & Scheduling

Our restaurant scheduling software allows you to easily create and manage schedules, manage compliance with labor laws, schedule staff at the levels you need, and enforce clocking.

Save time, streamline operations, and reduce labor costs with a restaurant scheduling system that holds everything in one place, across all of your locations.

Reporting & Analytics

Take advantage of pre-built and custom restaurant reporting tools showing the metrics that matter most to you. Dig into comprehensive reports on sales, inventory, and profitability across all your locations and make the right data-driven decisions to grow your business.

Stay ahead with proactive alerts, scheduled and automated reports, and real-time sales data and watch your business flourish. 

SynergySuite Advanced Reporting for POS Systems | Restaurant POS System Features


Systematize your restaurant operations to increase accountability, strengthen communication, and empower employees.

Combine effective checklists, employee empowerment tools, and communications solutions on one platform to make it easier to manage day-to-day operations and boost profits and efficiency.

We free you up to spend less time worrying about your business and more time improving it.

Food Safety

The Food Safety Module is your all-in-one system for ensuring high-quality food at every one of your restaurant locations, and protecting food safety compliance across every one of your locations. 

Easily set cleaning and maintenance schedules, record food temperatures, get equipment failure alerts, and even track food delivery temperatures. With the Food Safety Module, get notified in advance to take corrective actions before food safety becomes a problem.

Cash Management

Increase accountability and reduce theft by using the Cash Management Module to track the flow of cash from the customer all the way to the bank.

Make monitoring and auditing the flow of cash across your locations a breeze with automatic cash reconciliation, digital cash sheets, configurable alerts, and customizable cash counting frequency measures. 

Human Resources

Hire, retain, and empower your staff with our Human Resources Module. 

Streamline the hiring process, reduce turnover costs, and manage team communication with built-in restaurant HR functionality that works perfectly across all your locations. Our restaurant HR Module will make your HR processes and tasks a breeze, freeing up time and resources for everyone involved.

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Take Control of Your Restaurant Empire

Success or failure is made in the back office. Get the modern enterprise management system that helps you navigate the tight margins, revolving workforce, and changing regulations of the restaurant industry. All of this in one cohesive platform.

One platform, one login—all your tools and insights in a single place. Our fully native back-office platform was built so you only use what you need, and can expand as your business grows. Get everything you want from one vendor, no patchwork of platforms needed.

Dedicated Partner Centric Ecosystem

Leverage the knowledge and best practices of our extensive network of restaurant industry partners. Gain insights specific to your restaurant type and challenges. Whether you have 20 or 1,000 locations, SynergySuite scales and integrates seamlessly with your business needs.

SynergySuite Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant Analytics and Reporting Software | SynergySuite

Dedicated Implementation & Support

SynergySuite employs "follow the sun" support model, ensuring your company always has access to expert support. At SynergySuite, we know our success is determined by our customers, and our customer support and implementation teams are top-notch. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way from implementation to long term success.

Take Control. Unleash Growth.

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