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Get real-time tracking to help cut inventory count time in half.

Optimize your flow of stock and Improve profitability with faster, more accurate inventory and reduced waste.

Lower food and beverage costs using effective food inventory software with reliable reporting.

Real-Time Visibility and Increased Profitability

SynergySuite connects directly to your existing point-of-sale system for real-time inventory tracking and real-time theoretical inventory depletion. View compatible POS systems.

Multiple restaurants, one restaurant inventory management system. Instantly compare profitability by location and get alerts if a location is under-performing.

Review the right data by leveraging built-in reports for restaurants, or create custom reports with a full BI suite.

The best inventory processes tell you what you have right now. Get an accurate picture of inventory on hand with real-time tracking of all items and use past inventory usage patterns to control costs by ordering the right amount of the right thing.

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Improve Accuracy and Productivity

SynergySuite Inventory Summary

Take inventory directly on a mobile device, and automatically convert multiple units of measure. Advanced inventory tools in the palm of your hand.

You only enter data once, and can easily share reports and numbers with SynergySuite as your single source of truth.

Reduce keyboard slipups and transposition errors by eliminating data re-entry. Plus, edit logs help you track any changes to data.

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Improve Your Food Costs

Easily identify when food items and other products go missing and correct the issue immediately with real-time insight.

Maintain margins as menu items and ingredients are altered, sales modes are different, or supplier pricing changes. Integrate electronically with vendors to enable real-time price lists and pack sizes. Our restaurant inventory software system makes menu engineering a snap.

Centrally store recipes, prep guidelines, and videos. Your kitchen team has ready access to everything they need right from the palm of their hand.

Our inventory management tools help you log and monitor food waste for both raw and finished goods and compare locations against each other.

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Restaurant Inventory Management Software FAQs

The restaurant industry is challenging. We help restaurant owners meet those challenges with the most sophisticated data-driven decision-making software on the market.

Control costs, maximize customer experience, streamline administrative tasks, save time, and increase profits with our advanced tools.

Learn more about SynergySuite’s restaurant inventory management software.

Restaurant inventory management software is a type of software designed to help restaurants manage their inventory more efficiently and accurately. Restaurant operations are complicated, encompass a wide range of activities, and need to move quickly. Good inventory management software can automate many of the manual tasks associated with inventory management, such as tracking stock levels, ordering, and receiving inventory, and generating reports so restaurant operators and restaurant staff can focus on customer service.

Overall, restaurant inventory management software can help restaurants reduce waste, improve efficiency, and save time and resources associated with manual inventory-related tasks like physical counts and ordering. By providing accurate inventory data and analytics, restaurants can make informed decisions about their inventory and menu, maintain optimal stock levels, identify usage patterns, and ensure timely replenishment of essential ingredients resulting in increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

SynergySuite is an all-in-one solution for restaurant inventory management that is designed to integrate directly with your POS, accounting, payroll and broadline distributors. If you have questions about specific systems, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts.. View the list of compatible integrations.

Oh we’re so glad you asked!

Get in touch and we can discuss your needs, or request a demo from one of our experts. They’ll explain the essential features of our software and explain in detail how it can help you, among other cost control functions, manage inventory costs, minimize individual recipe costs through historical sales data-driven demand planning, simplify tracking of inventory levels and maintain optimal inventory levels.
We can make your daily operations as efficient as possible through accurate, advanced reporting dashboards and other easily digestible reports.

SynergySuite works best for multi-unit concepts. Our customers typically have 20 locations or more to get the most benefit from SynergySuite.

That said, if you’re curious if there’s something we can do for you,get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions you have and see if we can help you with your establishment’s supply chain management.

Yes, vendor management is a snap!

Our advanced inventory management system offers the most efficient operations possible by linking every aspect of your business. We treat your commissary as an additional location setup as a vendor in your standard locations. Having it as an additional location allows you to keep your inventory, operations, and scheduling aligned across your foodservice organization enabling optimum control no matter how far-flung your operations may be.

Certainly, you have the flexibility to utilize either conventional units of measurement such as volume and weight in the imperial or metric systems, or create your own customized measurements as required.

Yes, easily import bulk recipes within SynergySuite.