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Learn About Our Restaurant Inventory Software System for Restaurants

  • Get real-time tracking to help cut inventory count time in half.
  • Improve profitability with faster, more accurate inventory.
  • Lower food and beverage costs using effective food inventory software with reliable reporting.
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Real-Time Visibility and Increased Profitability

  • Connect Your Point-of-Sale Data

    SynergySuite connects directly to your existing point-of-sale system for real-time data on items sold. View compatible POS systems.

  • Compare Location Performance

    Instantly compare profitability by location and get alerts if a location is under-performing.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Review the right data by leveraging built-in reports for restaurants, or create custom reports with a full BI suite.

  • Live Inventory Depletion

    Get an accurate picture of inventory on hand with real-time tracking of all items.

  • Never Run Out of Stock

    Know when an item is running low with inventory level alerts.

Improve Accuracy and Productivity

  • Replace Count Sheets

    Take inventory directly on a mobile device, and automatically convert multiple units of measure.

  • Reduce Admin Costs and Boost Productivity

    You only enter data once, and can easily share reports and numbers with SynergySuite as your single source of truth.

  • Increase Counting Accuracy

    Reduce keyboard slipups and transposition errors by eliminating data re-entry.

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Improve Your Food Costs

  • Actual vs. Theoretical Variance

    Easily identify when product goes missing and correct the issue immediately.

  • Full Recipe Costing

    Maintain margins as menu items and ingredients are altered, sales modes are different, or supplier pricing changes. Integrate electronically with vendors to enable real-time price lists and pack sizes.

  • Recipe Management

    Centrally store recipes, prep guidelines and videos.

  • Reduce Food Waste and Spoilage

    Log and monitor food waste for both raw and finished goods and compare locations against each other.

  • Product Margin Analysis

    Quickly compare menu item profitability across locations and receive alerts on high cost ingredients.


How do restaurants keep track of inventory? Restaurants manage their inventory in a variety of ways. Some use spreadsheets or clipboards, while others save time and money by using custom restaurant inventory management software. Restaurants inventory management software can consolidate all of the data from spreadsheets, clipboards and your own memory into one location and enable you to generate reports in seconds so you can save time and make important decisions about inventory more quickly.
How often do restaurants check inventory? It depends. Ideally, restaurants should check their top inventory items several times a day and do a full inventory weekly. That said, it can vary depending on the size of the restaurant and the tools they have available to manage their restaurant.
What is restaurant inventory management? Restaurant inventory management refers to the tracking of restaurant inventory, ingredients, and supplies. Managing restaurant inventory helps restaurant owners ensure they have enough food and other necessary items to keep their restaurant running smoothly. Good restaurants inventory management software can help you maximize profits and minimize waste.
What is restaurant inventory management software? Restaurant inventory management software helps restaurant owners manage inventory, track costs, and forecast to ensure they keep enough food in stock to keep their restaurant running and make all menu items. One of the benefits of inventory software for restaurants is that managers can see information in one place, saving time and money.
What is the best program to keep track of inventory? SynergySuite is one of the best restaurant inventory software programs that you can buy to keep track of inventory. Our restaurant inventory management software easily integrates back of house with your POS and accounting systems, saving you time and freeing you up to focus on improving your restaurant. Our software has several useful features to help your restaurant run efficiently. Through our platform, you can order from your supplier, forecast inventory and personnel, and build checklists made for your business, all from the palm of your hand.
How do you make a restaurant inventory list? Start with the basics: a menu. Obviously, you need to know what food you’re selling to know what ingredients to buy. Try to keep your menu simple. In addition to not overwhelming your customers with options, a simple menu will enable you to keep a minimal number of ingredients on hand and reducing purchasing of inventory whenever possible is the first and best step in reducing waste. Revisit your menu from time to time and adjust it based on your customers tastes. We have software that can help you with this analysis.
Collect and analyze sales data. When your customers purchase food from your restaurant, they aren’t just giving you money in exchange for food, they’re giving you data! What they’re purchasing, how much of it, when, how often, etc. Collecting and analyzing this data can give you a very clear picture of what menu items are selling best. In addition to helping you refine your menu, this will enable you to know which ingredients you need to purchase the most of and when.
Good old-fashioned hand counting. The ideas mentioned above can be very helpful in allowing you to understand what menu items sell best so you can purchase the right inventory in the right amounts. That said, they may not shed much light on other sources of inventory loss like spoilage, theft, or additional use of inventory from order fulfillment errors or customer dissatisfaction. Even with a suite of software applications or a digital restaurant inventory system, you’re still going to need to keep eyes on your inventory a bit. Monitor manually on occasion, but trust the software to help you keep tabs.
Restaurants inventory management software. We provide a suite of applications that allow you to tie all of your inventory management practices into one easy-to-use mobile suite. Having software that does all of this both gathers your data into one central location and allows you to run detailed, actionable reports. You can discover patterns and insights that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.
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