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The restaurant industry is competitive. Labor costs can be high, as can turnover rates among restaurant employees. The expenses of training new replacements can make it even more challenging to keep costs under control. Any business owner or manager in the industry needs all the help they can get to maximize cost savings. A major element that can make or break a restaurant is the staff. A good, well-trained staff of skilled employees who feel happy in their jobs correlates with good customer service, high customer satisfaction, and repeat business.

This means that creating a strong company culture is vital. A great culture starts with excellent restaurant HR. Streamline the hiring process, reduce turnover costs, maximize employee engagement, and manage team communication with built-in restaurant HR functionality that works perfectly across all your locations. Our restaurant HR software will make your HR processes like onboarding, training, and tracking employee documentation a breeze, freeing up time and resources for everyone involved.

Streamline Restaurant Staff Recruiting and Onboarding

From the moment a job is offered, utilize your restaurant HR software to walk your new employee through all required training so they can contribute as quickly as possible.

Require specific training videos or documents to be completed on a recurring basis based on the position, and standardize your training practices across locations.

From applicant tracking to saying goodbye to a longtime employee, ensure correct processes are followed during the onboarding process, performance reviews, and when disciplining staff.

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Simplify Payroll Processing Across All Locations

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Without the right tools, payroll management, and tracking, and processing can be a huge headache even for the most conscientious business owner, especially when working across a multi-unit chain.

Pair the industry-leading payroll features of our HR software with the labor and scheduling module to integrate with your favorite payroll processing and accounting tools and see employee records in a single place. Simplify your HR, payroll, and direct deposit, saving your team time and reducing costly errors.

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Stay Efficient with Simple, Secure Team Communications

Employees can securely send and receive messages in the app or online portal.

Poor or non-existent communication eats away at employee satisfaction and corrodes company culture. Keep your managers and staff in close contact by sending messages with a tap within our restaurant HR staffing software. Whether you have a larger team or a smaller one,  SynergySuite has the tools to keep everyone up to speed and in the loop no matter how far apart they are.

Instantly notify your entire team with push notifications about important updates and messages.

Make it easy and efficient to communicate with teams at multiple locations, see advanced metrics and reporting for each, and solve problems on the fly to keep everything running smoothly.

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Maintain Full Compliance With Regulations and Policies

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From attendance and scheduling policies to conduct and dress codes, SynergySuite can help you maintain, communicate, and enforce your HR policies.

A full electronic document management system securely stores all staff records, permits, and employment contracts to ensure compliance with labor laws.

Verify that your managers comply with local, state, and federal laws for scheduling, health codes, and employee health and safety protocols.

The team app also includes their day-to-day checklists, so your team has everything they need at their fingertips to make their jobs easier, and ensure proper procedures across your locations

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Restaurant HR Software FAQs

Learn more about SynergySuite’s restaurant HR software.

Restaurant HR software solutions provide a range of benefits to restaurant owners and managers, including streamline HR processes, improved compliance, enhanced employee experience, increased efficiency, and better decision making.

Overall, restaurant HR software can help restaurants manage their HR functions more effectively and efficiently, improve compliance and reduce legal risks, enhance the employee experience and achieve better business outcomes. By automating many of the manual HR processes, restaurant HR software can save time and resources and enable HR staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

SynergySuite is designed to integrate directly with your POS, accounting, payroll and broadline distributors. View the list of compatible integrations.

Get in touch and we can discuss your needs, or request a demo from one of our experts. 

SynergySuite is works best for multi-unit restaurant enterprises with 20 + locations of a single concept.

Get in touch with us directly and we can help you determine which configuration of our software applications will work best for you.

SynergySuite offers multiple methods for notifications, utilizing our notification banners you can alert employees as they login on the web, or mobile apps, or show them a notification as part of the clocking process when using our ‘Clocking’ app.

Managers can also utilize our Chat function to send messages to a group of employees as needed in real time.

Oh, we’re so glad you asked!
SynergySuite is a comprehensive restaurant management solution that provides software to streamline all of the managerial and administrative processes of running the backend of a restaurant.
Employee scheduling and shift management, employee performance management, tax compliance, time off requests, tracking employee hours, and providing employee self-service are just some of the key features of our restaurant employee management software.
We also provide applications to support other day-to-day operations like minimizing food costs and waste, inventory and purchasing management, food safety, operations, cash management, and a highly accessible reporting and analytics tool just to name a few.
Take a look at our suite of software applications. It provides a wide range of features to optimize employee experience so they can focus on customer experience, giving you a vital edge in the highly competitive food service and hospitality industry.