Manage Your Restaurant Operations On-The-Go with SynergySuite's Mobile Apps

Two Powerful Apps. Endless Possibilities. Simplified Management.

In the fast-paced world of restaurant management, staying connected and in control is crucial. That’s why SynergySuite offers two robust mobile apps designed to keep you on top of your operations anytime, anywhere. Unlike our competitors, who offer a myriad of disjointed apps, our streamlined approach ensures you have everything you need in just two powerful tools. Plus, our dedicated clock-in app makes employee time tracking effortless.

Manage scheduling, daily tasks, reporting, and more – all while on the go from a mobile or tablet device.

Store managers switching between stores, or working remotely? No problem.

Empower your teams with more flexibility and the ability to do more with our mobile-friendly employee apps.

SynergySuite Launches cloud-based app on mobile devices
SynergySuite Covid Checklist App

SynergySuite Manager - Full Admin App

Our Manager App enables your Store Owners/Operators with the ability to run their day-to-day store operations via a mobile device rather than through their SynergySuite desktop instance.

With Manager, you can create and edit checklists, check budgets, run reports, track inventory, control HAACP, check on cross-store inventory levels, and much more straight through our Manager App.

The Manager app gives your teams access to:

  • Ordering & Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Checklists

Cover Scheduling App

Cover makes scheduling easy for restaurant managers and employees. Create and manage schedules, trade shifts, communicate with employees and more-all in the app!
Cover works with our time and attendance module to simplify scheduling for your restaurant locations.

With Cover, employee scheduling and daily tasks become much easier and more efficient. With Cover, managers, and employees gain more visibility and flexibility into their scheduling.

Cover Restaurant Scheduling App | SynergySuite

For Managers

  • Quickly build schedules that push to the app
  • See employee availability at a glance
  • Automatic notifications to employees about their shifts
  • Real-time schedule management
  • Easy shift swap approvals
  • Approve or decline time off
  • Employee push communications
  • Create custom checklists for daily tasks

For Restaurant Staff

  • View work schedules from anywhere
  • Easily swap shifts
  • Show your availability
  • Request time off
  • View hours worked
  • See who else is scheduled with you
Clocking (cropped)

Clocking Timekeeping App

Clocking is a standalone app that simplifies the employee clock-in, and clock-out process.

Easily manage and clock employee time punches and attendance with our Clocking app.

Clocking is a simple mobile application that allows you to dedicate one tablet or device (or many), to simply and easily clock employee hours.

Clocking comes with an easy-to-understand UI for both employees and managers and automatically syncs with your SynergySuite instance for easy reporting.

Clocking Timekeeping App Features:

  • Accurate timesheet and reporting data
  • PIN Security
  • Quick and simple clock in/out management
  • Built-in weather alerts for easier planning
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Manage clocking across locations
  • Offline support
  • Break and schedule management

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