Restaurant Scheduling Software Across All Your Locations

Labor & Scheduling Software for Restaurants

Put down the sticky notes, and stop trying to track down texts. Our restaurant scheduling software allows you to easily create and manage schedules, manage compliance with labor laws, schedule staff at the levels you need and improve punctuality. Creating a roster with sticky notes was never a great idea. Now, with unprecedented developments in the labor market, it’s even more serious. You need great restaurant scheduling software! Save time, streamline operations, and reduce labor costs with a restaurant scheduling system that holds everything in one place, across all of your locations.
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Reduce Time Spent Managing Schedules

  • Automatic Schedule Creation

    Get optimal restaurant schedules, automatically created for each location based on forecasted sales, preferred shifts and historical patterns.

  • Perfect for Multiple Locations

    Make it easy and efficient to manage restaurant schedules at multiple locations with custom scheduling templates for each location manager, a central time-off approval portal, and advanced reporting across every location.

  • Easily Manage Team Requests

    Employees can request shift swaps and time off from their mobile devices, and managers can quickly review and approve requests.

  • Overtime Alerts

    Warn managers of potential overtime to avoid unnecessary overtime costs, keep your employees from being overworked, and stay compliant with local and national labor laws.

  • Improve Communication

    Team communication is vital for any successful restaurant, but especially when it comes to restaurant scheduling. Utilize our restaurant scheduling app, Cover, to ensure your team has an easy and efficient communication channel.

Improve Schedule and Payroll Accuracy

  • Biometric Clocking

    Put an end to buddy clocking with fingerprint clock in and clock out.

  • Dedicated Clocking App

    Our clocking-specific app creates better flow in the restaurant, while ensuring employees are clocking in on premises with IP or Wi-Fi restricted clocking.

  • Accurate Timekeeping

    Ensure staff are clocking in and out for breaks or automatically deduct required break times to ensure proper documentation and labor-law compliance.

  • Payroll Integration

    Managers can easily validate and adjust clocking data; then send it directly into your existing payroll system for fast and accurate payroll processing. See our payroll integrations.

  • Hourly Sales vs Labor Costs

    Prevent excessive staffing costs with hour-to-hour sales versus labor cost reports, and other advanced reporting metrics to ensure your restaurants are always as efficient as possible.

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Ensure Business Compliance

  • Monitor Employee Attendance

    Perform audits on employee clock-ins/outs to see if breaks are being taken at the required intervals.

  • Scheduling Laws

    Schedules are easily created and posted in compliance with all federal, state and local labor laws, with alerts for managers to be aware of any potential overtime limits.

  • Schedule Changes

    Maintain a standby list for employees who volunteer to pick up additional shifts to avoid paying premium rates or accidentally over-scheduling team members.

  • Custom Checklists

    The team app also includes custom checklists, so your team has everything they need at their fingertips to make their jobs easier, and ensure proper procedures across your locations.


How do I create a restaurant schedule? To create a restaurant schedule, start with consistency. Set a time to create the schedule each week. Keep all schedule changes in a centralized location, and be sure to keep staff member requests and conflicts in the same place when determining and scheduling shifts. Analyze your busiest times of day and days of the week to align your staffing needs with prep and rush times (we have software that can help you with this too!) While preparation and consistency are key, our restaurant scheduling software for restaurants can help alleviate a lot of the stress and grunt work associated with creating a restaurant schedule.
What is the best software for restaurant scheduling? SynergySuite provides some of the best restaurant employee scheduling software on the market. In addition to scheduling, our platform helps with inventory management, purchasing, reporting and analytics, HR, operations, food safety, employee health checks, and cash management.
How much does restaurant scheduling software cost? The cost of restaurant scheduling software can vary but our pricing is very competitive. Our standard package which includes inventory, purchasing, time and attendance, and operations is $320 per month, with discounts available for bundling and multiple locations. For more information on pricing, click here.
Why should I use scheduling software for my restaurant and not do it manually? If you only have a couple of employees you may not need restaurant scheduling software but if you have several employees or several employees working at several locations, it’s easy for things like PTO, sick days, overtime and other things to fall through the cracks. This can both hobble your restaurant and expose you to legal issues. Our restaurant scheduling software fills those cracks and provides the support you need to manage your employees and their schedules. Utilizing our employee scheduling software at your restaurant, regardless of its size, allows you to focus on the other needs and priorities of your operation.
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