Restaurant Scheduling Software for All Your Locations

Employee shift scheduling has never been so easy.

Labor & Scheduling Software for Restaurants

Put down the sticky notes, and stop trying to track down texts. Our restaurant scheduling software allows you to easily create and communicate schedules, manage compliance with labor laws, schedule staff at the levels you need, and enforce clocking. 

Save time, streamline operations, and reduce labor costs with a restaurant scheduling system that holds everything in one place, across all locations.

Your New Restaurant Scheduling App - Cover by SynergySuite

Our restaurant scheduling app, Cover, is the perfect solution for your scheduling tasks, and companion for our restaurant management software. Cover gives employers the ability to easily manage restaurant staffing, while allowing employees to have better visibility into and power over their schedules, all in the palm of their hand.

For Managers

  • Quickly build schedules that push to the app
  • See employee availability at a glance
  • Automatic notifications to employees about their shifts
  • Real-time schedule management
  • Easy shift swap approvals
  • Approve or decline time off
  • Employee push communications

For Restaurant Staff

  • View work schedules from anywhere
  • Easily swap shifts
  • Show your availability
  • Request time off
  • View hours worked
  • See who else is scheduled with you

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Faster Reporting

Reduce Time Spent by Streamlining Your Employee Scheduling

Get optimized restaurant schedules generated for each location based on forecasted sales.

Make it easy and efficient to manage restaurant schedules at multiple locations with custom scheduling templates for each location manager, a central time-off approval portal, and advanced reporting across every location.

Employees can request shift swaps and time off from their mobile devices, and managers can quickly review and approve requests.

Warn managers of potential overtime to avoid unnecessary overtime costs, keep your employees from being overworked, and stay compliant with local and national labor laws.

Team communication is vital for any successful restaurant, but especially when it comes to restaurant scheduling. Utilize our restaurant scheduling app, Cover, to ensure your team has an easy and efficient communication channel.

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Restaurant Scheduling Software Your Staff Will Love

Eliminate the challenges of last-minute schedule updates, so your employees can plan ahead and address any conflicts or concerns well before the shift starts. Scheduling templates and scheduling recommendations can help managers create and display schedules ahead of time.

From one central restaurant scheduling app, employees can easily communicate about their schedules and work out shift changes and coverage, without putting a strain on the manager.

SynergySuite restaurant scheduling software allows every employee to update their availability, allowing managers to schedule accurately, team members to communicate about coverage, and to avoid time-consuming mix-ups.

Enable your employees to know exactly how many hours they’ve worked and are scheduled for, without having to text their managers.

In addition to managing their own shift swapping with other employees, your team can have a simple and easy way to request time off and receive approvals without having to find time in the middle of a shift to speak with their manager.

No one likes to be caught off guard. Our restaurant scheduling software provides real-time notifications and updates to each employee to notify them as soon as possible of any scheduling changes.

What Our Clients Say

Improve Schedule and Payroll Accuracy

Our clocking-specific app creates better flow in the restaurant, while ensuring employees are clocking in on premises with IP or Wi-Fi restricted clocking.

Ensure staff are clocking in and out for breaks or automatically deduct required break times to ensure proper documentation and labor-law compliance.

Managers can easily validate and adjust clocking data and then send it directly into your existing payroll system for fast and accurate payroll processing. See our payroll integrations.

Prevent excessive staffing costs with hour-to-hour sales versus labor cost reports, and other advanced reporting metrics to ensure your restaurants are always as efficient as possible

Ensure Business and Regulatory Compliance

Restaurant Operations Software | SynergySuite

Perform audits on employee clock-ins/outs to see if breaks are being taken at the required intervals.

Get alerts when schedules breach shift warnings, including federal, state, and local labor laws, with alerts for managers to be aware of any potential overtime limits. 

Maintain a standby list for employees who volunteer to pick up additional shifts to avoid paying premium rates or accidentally over-scheduling team members.

The team app also includes custom checklists, so your team has everything they need at their fingertips to make their jobs easier, and ensure proper procedures across your locations

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Restaurant Scheduling Software FAQs

Learn more about SynergySuite’s restaurant scheduling software.

Restaurant scheduling software is a type of software designed to help restaurant owners and managers streamline their employee scheduling processes. This software can automate many of the manual tasks associated with scheduling, such as creating schedules, managing shift swaps, and sending schedule updates to employees.

Overall, restaurant scheduling software can help restaurants save time and reduce costs associated with manual scheduling processes. By automating many of the tasks associated with scheduling, restaurant owners and managers can focus on other important aspects of their business, such as menu development and customer service, while also ensuring that they are meeting labor laws and maintaining proper staffing levels.


SynergySuite is designed to integrate directly with your POS, accounting, payroll and broadline distributors. View the list of compatible integrations.

SynergySuite works best for multi-unit concepts. Our customers typically have 20 locations or more to get the most benefit from SynergySuite.

Yes. Easily manage overtime within SynergySuite, and receive alerts to better manage expected overtime.

Yes! Clock in on your POS of choice, or utilize our Clocking App functionality to streamline your clock-in, clock-out process.

Yes, employees can manage their schedule with our Cover app. The Cover app also provides additional functionality for employees include shift swaps, time off requests and chat between managers and other employees.

Yes. We provide the tools and resources to ensure that your managers are compliant with local labor laws across individual locations and regions.

Yes, easily loan employees across locations from within SynergySuite.