Restaurant Cash Management Software

Safe and Cash Management for Restaurants

Increase accountability and reduce theft by using our restaurant cash management software to track the flow of cash from the customer all the way to the bank.
Restaurant Cash Management Software on Mobile Device

Cash Monitoring and Reconciliation

  • Monitor Cash Movement

    Track the flow of cash from customer to register to safe to the bank.

  • Digital Cash Sheets

    Record float amounts at the start and end of each shift using a mobile phone or tablet.

  • Cash Reconciliation

    Automatically reconcile cash amounts in each register at the end of the night and require digital sign off from a manager.

  • Monitor Counting Frequency

    Monitor how frequent each location is performing proper safe counts and float counts.

Increase Accountability and Reduce Theft

  • Keep Staff Accountable

    View the over/short status of each location with the ability to drill-down to see which cashiers and managers were responsible and determine which you can trust.

  • Configurable Alerts

    Automatically notify managers when a protocol or policy is not followed or when cash vs. sales variances cross a set threshold.

  • Digital Sign Offs

    Track each cash drop, pay-in, pay-out, and who signed off on it.

  • Audits Made Easy

    Make compliance and auditing simpler, faster, and more accurate with access to incremental information like user, time, bag number, bag amount, deposit slip, and any overage or shortage.

Restaurant Employee taking order from a digital cash register
Cash Management Software for Cash for Restaurants and Bars

Automated Data Entry and Real-Time Reporting

  • POS and Accounting Integration

    SynergySuite directly integrates with your existing point-of-sale and accounting systems to automatically include gross sales, comps, voids and promos into cash sheets, and record daily journal entries based on cash received. See our integrations.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Access to real-time reporting on drawer counts, opening floats, safe counts, cash sheets, deposits slips, and any associated variances – at a check, register, employee, or store level.

  • Check Level Detail

    View detailed reports of transactions including any comps, voids, discounts, and coupons.


How do restaurants manage their cash? Restaurant cash management varies depending on the establishment, but typically the best restaurants use restaurant cash management software to track and audit cash, reconcile cash amounts, use digital cash sheets, create alerts, and manage digital signoffs. This allows them to see problems before they arise and adjust accordingly.
What is the best restaurant cash management software? There are many options available, but at SynergySuite we offer a comprehensive software that not only helps you manage your cash, but also track schedules, keep tabs on inventory, ensure food safety, and streamline daily operations.
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