Restaurant Purchasing & Order Management Software

Restaurant Purchasing Software

In the restaurant business, getting your purchasing right is key. You need to make sure you have the right ingredients, in the right amounts, for the right price at all times. If your restaurant purchasing system is well set-up and runs efficiently, you can purchase quality ingredients from best suppliers to control costs. If it’s not, you’ll waste money, tamping down profits, and preventing your restaurant from becoming successful. No business likes to tie money up in idle inventory. In the restaurant industry the problem is even bigger as unused inventory can spoil. Good restaurant purchasing software, you can help guide your purchasing and inventory management practices and prevent your money from literally rotting away.

The good news? Purchasing restaurant inventory is easy with the right software! Modern technology has led to streamlined restaurant purchasing software that can make it simple to purchase the quality ingredients your restaurant needs to provide the best service to your patrons. A built-in order management system allows you to let the system track purchasing and manage exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need, and when you’ll need it.

Make your life easier and save money by using SynergySuite’s all-in-one restaurant purchasing software. How do we do it?

We offer intelligent restaurant purchasing so you always have what you need. Stop throwing money away when you over or under order. Using suggested orders and easy electronic ordering, you can ensure you have optimal quantities and great supplier relationships. We can make restaurant purchasing a breeze and help you prevent waste.
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Streamline Ordering Process

  • Electronic Ordering

    Easily place orders and send electronically via EDI or email for reliable delivery. See our list of suppliers and distributors with EDI integration.

  • Automatic Orders

    Enable automatic orders to make intelligent purchases when inventory starts running low.

  • Instant Approvals

    Managers quickly and easily approve orders and invoices from a mobile device.

Reduce Time Spent Managing Orders

  • Automatic Invoice Matching

    Match supplier invoices to orders and post them to your accounting system for accurate and timely entry.

  • Automatic Pricing Updates

    Electronic integration with your vendors enables up-to-date price lists and pack sizes—reducing data entry errors.

  • Inventory Integration

    Update inventory counts automatically once an order is reconciled.

  • Vendor Discount Validation

    Automatically verify that all relevant vendor discounts are applied based on order quantities and for on-time payments.

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Reduce Food Waste

  • Order Restrictions

    Allow only menu ingredients to be ordered, eliminating accidental orders and ensuring managers only purchase what’s needed.

  • Built-In Approval System

    Set thresholds and require approval for items and orders that exceed a certain amount.

  • Check Product Temperatures

    Use bluetooth thermometers to verify that products are delivered at the correct temperature.


What are the purchasing basics? If you’re in charge of purchasing food at your restaurant, you need to make sure you follow these steps:
  1. Figure out your restaurant's inventory and purchasing needs
  2. Put purchasing procedures into place
  3. Create and use specifications to ensure quality
  4. Evaluate and choose a supplier
  5. Receive the goods and ensure they meet the specifications
  6. Make note of any discrepancies between the order and the delivery
It’s important to note that restaurant purchasing software automates much of this process.
Who should be in charge of food purchasing? This depends on the size of your restaurant but being in charge of purchasing at any restaurant is an important job that should not be treated casually. This depends on the size of your restaurant. In enterprise restaurants, there are likely several people in charge of purchasing and supply chain at corporate, and GMs work within corporate guidelines. At smaller restaurants, the general manager or even the chef may be over purchasing. Regardless of size, restaurant purchasing software is critical to freeing up time and ensuring accuracy. To streamline things further, restaurant purchasing can be scaled using our suite of applications.
Why is proper purchasing of food supply important? Nowhere is maintaining a streamlined purchasing system more important than in the restaurant business. Thin margins and potential for spoilage mean you can't hold a large amount of inventory without hurting your business. Staying at par levels, making sure you have enough food to meet the needs of your patrons without buying too much, is key to maintaining profit margins. A purchasing and restaurant order management system can use analytics to determine how much food to buy and when and directly integrate with your suppliers, helping you provide better service and increasing your profit margins.
How much is food waste hurting my bottom line? The answer varies from restaurant to restaurant but the answer is: probably more than you realize. By some estimates, a single restaurant can produce as much as 75,000lbs of food waste a year. Solutions to the problem start at the most basic level. How much food is ordered, when it’s ordered and knowing how much is on hand. Restaurant purchasing software can help you prevent food waste by providing smarter control over food purchases: buying how much you need when you need it. When paired with other software solutions that we provide, we can make restaurant purchasing the first check on waste at your operation.
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