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Purchasing restaurant inventory is easy with the right software. Modern technology has led to streamlined restaurant purchasing software that can make it simple to purchase the quality ingredients your restaurant needs to provide the best service to your patrons. A built-in order management system allows you to let the system track purchasing and manage exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need and when you’ll need it.

We offer intelligent restaurant purchasing so you always have what you need. Stop throwing money away when you over or under order. Using suggested orders and easy electronic ordering, you can ensure you have optimal quantities and great supplier relationships. We can make restaurant purchasing a breeze and help you prevent waste.

Streamline Your Ordering Process

Easily place orders and send electronically via EDI or email for reliable delivery. See our list of suppliers and distributors with EDI integration.

Use automatic ordering to avoid low inventory

Managers quickly and easily approve orders and invoices from a mobile device.

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Reduce Time Spent Managing Orders

Purchasing Promotion Analysis

Match supplier invoices to orders and post them to your accounting system for accurate and timely entry.

Electronic integration with your vendors enables up-to-date price lists and pack sizes—reducing data entry errors.

Update inventory counts automatically once an order is reconciled.

Automatically verify that all relevant vendor discounts are applied based on order quantities and for on-time payments.

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Savings on Food


Savings on Food


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Faster Reporting

Reduce Food Waste

Allow only menu ingredients to be ordered, eliminating accidental orders and ensuring managers only purchase what’s needed.

Set thresholds and require approval for items and orders that exceed a certain amount.

Use bluetooth thermometers to verify that products are delivered at the correct temperature.

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Restaurant Purchasing Software FAQs

Learn more about SynergySuite’s restaurant purchasing software.

Restaurant purchasing software is a type of software designed to help restaurant owners and managers streamline their purchasing processes and manage their suppliers more efficiently. This software can automate many of the manual tasks associated with purchasing, such as creating purchase orders, receiving orders, and tracking inventory.

Overall, restaurant purchasing software can help restaurants save time and reduce costs associated with manual purchasing processes. By automating many of the tasks associated with purchasing, restaurant owners and managers can focus on other important aspects of their business, such as menu development and customer service.

SynergySuite is designed to integrate directly with your POS, accounting, payroll and broadline distributors. View the list of compatible integrations.

Get in touch and we can discuss your needs, or request a demo from one of our experts. 

SynergySuite works best for multi-unit concepts. Our customers typically have 20 locations or more to get the most benefit from SynergySuite.

Our company follows standardized EDI practices for exchanging orders and other vendor documents such as Pricing Guides, Invoices, Confirmations, etc. Learn more about our integration partners here.