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Chawke Pub Group Sees 7.7% Growth in Profits​

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About Chawke Pub Group

The Chawke Group owns some of the most coveted hospitality businesses around the world including the $22 million Orchard Inn in Ireland.

The Problem

With 9 locations and more than 400 staff, Chawke Pub Group could no longer rely on Excel to collect and analyze critical data and costs. 

Simon Bailey, Chawke director of operations, said, “One of the main goals was to make things much more efficient in the kitchen with production and purchasing. We relied on our managers to report in Excel on food and drink costs at each location Purchasing was managed separately by each location and everything was on paper. It had become difficult for corporate to stay on top of margins and have full visibility on operations across all locations.”

“SynergySuite has greatly simplified how we manage inventory control, purchases and our supplier relationships.”

Simon said, “SynergySuite is a cloud based-platform, so installation wasn’t difficult. When recipe and supplier entry were completed, we had a central repository for inventory and purchasing data.”

The Solution

Chawke Group implemented SynergySuite’s inventory management and purchasing tools to help management stay on top of cost of goods and vendor purchases. 

Shortly after implementing SynergySuite, the corporate supply chain team noticed 2 stores, in remote locations, were being charged off-contract pricing for beef. By their calculation, the supplier had overcharged Chawke Group by $39,983 over 6 months. The team quickly contacted the supplier and brought pricing back under contract. 

Plus, SynergySuite’s supplier integration feature streamlined day-to-day purchasing. The system suggests orders on a nightly basis, based on real-time inventory depletion by ingredient and sales forecasts. Store level ordering is now completed in minutes. Purchase orders are then sent to managers for approval and automatically routed to the appropriate supplier once approved. Invoices are staged for approval and automatically pushed to accounts payable, saving managers hours each week.

The Outcome

Simon said, “SynergySuite has greatly simplified how we manage inventory control, purchases and our supplier relationships. Our managers love the platform—it’s easy to use and has made their daily work lives much more efficient. At any time I need, I can dig in and see where our food and drink costs are and so can my team.” The Chawke Group has been using SynergySuite back-office technology for two years. Last year, the group had one of its best years financially, with accumulated profits jumping 7.7% to $6.44 million from $5.98 million.

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