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Every restaurant business wants to ensure that their employees are satisfied. One of the most important factors that determine their satisfaction is how they are scheduled: how many shifts they’re scheduled for, how long the shifts are, how often they change without much notice, and more. Scheduling is no small task for a restaurant manager, and that challenge is especially compounded when you’re working across multiple locations. The best way to keep it all in line is to utilize a quality restaurant scheduling software.

In this article, we go over all the ins and out of restaurant employee scheduling and timekeeping software: what it is, what the benefits are, what to look for when selecting one, and more. 

What is Restaurant Scheduling Software?

Restaurant scheduling software is a technology solution that helps restaurant owners and managers efficiently create and manage employee schedules. It allows them to assign shifts, track availability, manage time off requests, and communicate schedule updates with ease. These software solutions typically provide user-friendly interfaces and automation features to simplify the scheduling process and save time.

A quality scheduling software does more than just the bare minimum, and can include a bunch of other awesome features, which we’ll go over a little later in the article. 

The Benefits of a Quality Restaurant Scheduling Software

Some of the benefits of restaurant scheduling software may be obvious, but are certainly not trivial. When you dig into it, though, the advantages go well beyond the surface. Here are some of the top benefits of a quality restaurant scheduling and timekeeping solution.

Time-saving Efficiency

Employee scheduling software eliminates the need for manual scheduling using spreadsheets or paper-based systems. It automates the process, saving managers considerable time and effort. With features like employee shift schedule templates and schedule duplication, creating schedules becomes quick and hassle-free.

Enhanced Accuracy

The software ensures accuracy in scheduling by considering factors such as employee availability, labor laws, and business demands. It helps avoid errors, conflicts, and overlapping shifts, resulting in a smoother operation.

Improved Communication

Employee scheduling software provides a centralized platform for communication between managers and employees. It enables managers to notify employees of their schedules, shift changes, or any updates instantly. This promotes clear and efficient communication, reducing confusion and enhancing productivity.

Employee Satisfaction

By allowing employees to access their schedules, submit time-off requests, and manage availability through the software, it empowers them to have more control over their work-life balance. Clear visibility into their schedules in advance reduces last-minute changes and improves employee satisfaction.

Cost Optimization

Effective scheduling helps control labor costs by ensuring the right number of staff members are scheduled based on demand. It prevents overstaffing and understaffing situations, optimizing labor expenses and improving profitability.

Compliance with Labor Laws

Employee scheduling software helps managers adhere to labor laws and regulations regarding scheduling, breaks, and overtime. It provides tools to monitor and enforce compliance, reducing the risk of legal issues or penalties.

Smoother Timekeeping and Payroll

The best restaurant scheduling software also integrates with your payroll and hr software, automatically updating employee hours worked and calculating their next paycheck after each shift. Not only is this a great time-saving solution for the HR department, but it may also allow the employees to keep better track of their income, and feel more prepared and satisfied with their efforts. 

Overall, Restaurant Employee Scheduling Software simplifies the scheduling process, enhances communication, improves efficiency, and contributes to a positive work environment. It enables restaurant owners and managers to focus on delivering excellent customer service while ensuring a well-organized and balanced workforce.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Restaurant Scheduling Software?

When considering restaurant employee scheduling software, it’s important to look for key features that align with your restaurant’s specific needs. Here are some essential features to consider:

Self-Service Tools for Employees

Time and Attendance Tracking

Look for software that allows employees to clock in and out digitally, either through a time clock or a mobile app. This feature helps accurately track employee work hours and attendance.

Shift Trading and Coverage

The ability for employees to trade shifts or request shift coverage within the software streamlines the process and reduces the burden on managers. This feature fosters flexibility and collaboration among staff members.

Time Off Requests

Look for software that enables employees to submit time-off requests digitally. This feature simplifies the request process and ensures efficient handling of employee absences.

Going Mobile with Restaurant Scheduling Apps

Mobile Accessibility

Consider software that offers mobile apps or mobile-friendly interfaces. This allows employees and managers to access schedules, make updates, and communicate on the go, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

Push Notifications

Mobile apps that send push notifications for schedule updates, shift reminders, or other important notifications ensure that everyone stays informed and up to date.

Shift Scheduling Software and Templates

Efficient Scheduling

Look for software that provides intuitive tools for creating schedules. Features like drag-and-drop functionality, templates, and automated scheduling algorithms can help optimize the process and save time.

Schedule Templates

Templates enable managers to create consistent schedules based on recurring patterns, reducing the need to start from scratch each time.

Integrations with Payroll and Timekeeping

Ensure that the scheduling software integrates with your existing payroll and timekeeping systems. This allows for accurate and efficient transfer of data, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

It’s important to evaluate these features in the context of your restaurant’s unique requirements. Consider the size of your staff, the complexity of your scheduling needs, and any specific compliance or reporting requirements you may have.

By choosing the right restaurant scheduling software with the appropriate features, you can streamline scheduling processes, enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, and improve overall operational efficiency in your restaurant.

The Best Restaurant Scheduling Solution: SynergySuite

We won’t be shy about it—restaurant businesses all around the world love using SynergySuite for their restaurant scheduling solution. Not only is it easy to use, but it includes all the features and integrations you could ask for, combined with excellent customer service. Here are some of the main reasons why SynergySuite is the best in the business.

Built Specifically for Restaurants

SynergySuite’s restaurant scheduling and timekeeping solutions were created specifically with restaurants in mind. Our team is experienced in the food service industry, and know the unique difficulties and challenges of restaurant scheduling. Our solution covers all the bases and can help transform your restaurant scheduling from a nightmare into a walk in the park.

Cover Restaurant Scheduling App | SynergySuite

The Dedicated Scheduling App – Cover by SynergySuite

Our restaurant scheduling app, Cover, is the perfect solution for your scheduling tasks, and companion for our restaurant management software. Cover gives employers the ability to easily manage restaurant staffing, while allowing employees to have better visibility into and power over their schedules, all in the palm of their hand.

Save Time, Save Money

Our scheduling software helps you save the maximum amount of time, which in turn can be used to manage everything else you have on your place. Our automated schedule creation tools can help you create new shift schedules in just a few clicks, and is perfect for multiple locations. It means you can scale your time savings at the same time you scale your business.

Works Within a Full Suite of Restaurant Management Solutions

SynergySuite’s restaurant scheduling solution is one major piece of an entire suite of restaurant management solutions. This means that restaurant business operators, financial experts, and HR specialists can take advantage of a ton of other features and benefits that work seamlessly with their scheduling solution, and make the entire restaurant more efficient and profitable.

The benefits don’t stop there. Check out our restaurant scheduling solution to learn more, or request a demo today

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