The Top 3 Restaurant Data Management Systems Your Restaurant Needs

The 3 Most Important Systems Your Restaurant Needs featured by top Restaurant Accounting Software, SynergySuite

Restaurant data management systems are designed to help restaurateurs better manage their businesses. You’ll find solutions that can help with inventory and purchasing, payroll and scheduling, or staffing, operations, and reporting, but when it comes down to it, three systems stand out as the most important: Point-of-Sale, Back Office, and Accounting. 

Each one of these systems provides valuable data and useful information on its own, but when they are integrated with one another they provide a big-picture view of the restaurant’s performance for even greater insights and benefits.

Let’s take a look at each of these three systems to see how they influence restaurant operations.

1.     A Point-of-Sale System (POS)

These front-of-house solutions are used to collect and organize sales data. These systems streamline operations by sending orders automatically to the kitchen while also prompting staff to upsell certain items, and tracking guest transactions. POS systems provide real-time, operational benefits while also collecting data that can be used to interpret performance over time. 

2.     A Back-Office System

When integrated with the POS system, back-office solutions act as an information hub, capable of tracking and managing sales and purchases, inventory, scheduling and even food safety. This helps operators track losses due to food waste and theft, improve purchasing accuracy, and maintain adequate inventory. Automated features like purchasing and reporting use historical data to streamline operations, saving time and money and can also be used to optimize scheduling.

3.     An Accounting System

Integrating accounting tools with restaurant management systems can utilize back-office data and POS data to better track financial information, manage payroll, invoicing, and reconciliation. When it’s time to run a financial report, all the necessary data is in the back-of-house system. It becomes very easy to track the restaurant’s financials and use the information to make business decisions.

Restaurant Data Management Systems Are Worth the Investment

Restaurant data management systems are an investment in the future of your business. The administrative benefits they offer help operators retain control over their numbers and better manage their businesses. 

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