This Week in ResTech: Creating Quality Interactions

This Week in ResTech: Creating Quality Interactions blog header image

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover how technology can help restaurants become more efficient, so employees can spend more time on creating quality interactions with customers.

1. How tech has revolutionized restaurant hospitality

Tech Republic – While many people think of restaurant technology as removing human interactions, many restaurants are finding technology is actually giving them more face time with customers by making other tasks more efficient. Read More

2. Ballard Brands, Blue Lemon, Four Foods Group, Luna Grill, Mad Greens: The CEOs speak on the state of things

QSRweb – Online orders are changing the game for restaurants. Read how CEOs are dealing with the new challenge of off-premise ordering. Read More

3. Three Problems With Your Restaurant’s E-Club – And How To Overcome Them

Modern Restaurant Management – You need clean data if you are going to be able to tell how your loyalty programs are doing. But the problem is that there are a few common problems that disrupt your data. Read More

4. Cooking Up Profits: How a Healthy Supply Chain Can Improve Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk

Modern Restaurant Management – A healthy supply chain is critical to every successful restaurant, however too many restaurants have poor data about their supply chain and it’s damaging their decision marking. Read More

5. Trend watch 2019: 4 trends in foodservice that your customers want right now

Fast Casual – Meeting customer expectations is a constant game of trying to stay on top of the latest trends. See what customers want in the coming year, including how digital will help engage customers better. Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

Between increased costs, labor shortages, and socio-economic complexities - staying on top of labor costs is more important than ever for franchise owners.

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