Simplifying Restaurant Scheduling with Cover App

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Last week we launched Cover, our new restaurant scheduling app, to help you get to know the features and reasoning behind creating Cover, we have an interview between Di Lewis, our content director, and Paul Fox-Reeks, product specialist. Read on to see what Cover will do for our time and attendance customers!

Di Lewis: Tell me about where the idea for Cover came from and why SynergySuite developed it as a separate app?

Paul Fox-Reeks: When speaking with our customers, it was clear they wanted to give their team greater visibility and control over their working day. So we created a dedicated team app, which includes scheduling and operations, that is streamlined for restaurant team members who don’t need to use the full SynergySuite platform in their day-to-day jobs.

DL: Who can use Cover?

PFR: All our current time and attendance customers also have access to Cover! If you’re already using the SynergySuite scheduling module, your team can use Cover.

DL: What will Cover allow people to do?

PFR: It lets the restaurant team have more visibility into and flexibility with their schedules. So managers will make the schedule in the main SynergySuite app, then team members get notified through Cover, where they are also able to request, pick up and drop shifts, as well as put in paid time off requests.

Custom team checklists are also included in Cover, so they can have things like opening, prep and closing checklists at their fingertips. It’s all about making it simple and easy for users to see what they need to do during their working day.

DL: What are the benefits of using Cover?

PFR: It’s powered by the team that created SynergySuite, so it’s a powerful app with good support, but developed from scratch with the core features that restaurant teams want for easy use in busy environments. Plus, it allows employers to manage internal communication easily, so that all notifications are in one place rather than relying on calls, messaging or email.

DL: Where can people get Cover?

PFR: It’s available in the App Store and on Google Play! Or they can contact their account support for help.

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