3 Must-Have Restaurant Daily Reports

Must Have Daily Restaurant Reports featured by top Restaurant accounting Software, SynergySuite

Restaurant daily reports are essential to business success.

Daily insights into finances and operations allow restaurant owners and managers to adjust and adapt operations quickly based on timely information as opposed to using end-of-the-month reporting to make operating decisions. This proactive approach can be used to turn successful days into successful weeks which then translates into successful months, quarters, and years.

Combing through all that data every day, however, is a task few would sign up for. The good news is, you don’t need to look at every single piece of data generated by your restaurant operations. Three key restaurant daily reports that will tell you what you need to know about how the day went so you can plan for the next day. Reports that focus on sales, labor, and costs will provide the information you need to keep operations running smoothly.

3 Daily Reports Every Restaurant Should Run

Daily Sales Report.

Your daily sales report will show you what you sell, when you sell it, and how it was paid for. This allows you to better manage your inventory, stay on top of your accounting, and manage your labor pool for maximum efficiency. You’ll be able to identify and track sales trends, match sales to deposits, and identify order trends.

Daily Labor Report.

Tracking both front of house and back of house labor costs every day will help you better align staffing with actual needs, making scheduling easier and more efficient. You’ll be able to see if you were over or understaffed on any given day or at any specific time of day and make adjustments for the rest of the week before losing money to overtime or slow sales.

Daily Cost Reporting.

You’ll need a daily prime costs report to compare to your daily sales report for effective analytics. These restaurant daily reports provide insights that allow managers to make immediate adjustments to minimize losses and maximize profit margins. 

Daily reporting may seem like a burden, but restaurant reporting software eases this vital tasks to provide timely and relevant information that can be used to quickly make adjustments  that will support business success. It’s an investment that is crucial to navigating the challenges of running a modern restaurant.

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