3 Back-of-House Requirements for a Smoothie Concept

Back-of-house is the unsung hero of smoothie concepts. Though not flashy or customer-facing, back-of-house requirements and operations keep smoothie shops running, well, smoothly. Behind the scenes is where the inventory analysis and planning happens, staffing schedules are developed, and sales are tracked. Smoothie bars can flounder and fail when this data isn’t tracked or used to make business decisions. 

Software tools make it easier than ever to track and use this data to position the smoothie business for success. Below are 3 back-of-house reporting tools that will help your business flourish.

3 Back-of-House Reporting Tools Every Smoothie Business Needs

1.     Inventory Management.

Adequate inventory is essential to successful smoothie operations. An inventory management system makes it possible to see inventory levels at a glance. You’ll be able to track inventory levels quickly and compare them with stock counts, ensuring you never run out of the ingredients needed to make your most popular smoothies.

2.     Daily Reporting.

Daily reports are a wealth of information and every smoothie bar should be using them. These reports can show you how many smoothies you sold, which kinds were sold, when they were sold, how much revenue was generated that day, who was working, and what your product and labor costs were. They are a simple and effective way to gauge your business success day after day, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

3.     P&L Statements.

Your restaurant profit and loss statements provide insight into business success and opportunities. P&L statements summarize your revenues, costs, and expenses over a given period of time. This information can be used to identify areas of potential revenue growth or cost controls and can also be used to compare the business’ success in different years or at different points in the same year. Do you really have a seasonal variation in business? A P&L statement can tell you.

Back of house” should never mean “out of mind.” Your back-of-house operations play equally as critical a role in your smoothie business’ success as front-of-house and deserve an equal amount of care and attention.

Technology can help you meet your back-of-house requirements with ease and efficiency.

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