5 Reasons to (Virtually) Attend FSTEC 2020

5 reasons to attend FSTEC 2020 featured by top Restaurant Accounting Software, SynergySuite

FSTEC 2020 is right around the corner. “Doors” open on October 26, 2020 and the event concludes on January 8, 2021. This 100% virtual event is a must for any restaurateur who wants to learn more about foodservice technology solutions and network with others in the restaurant community. 

SynergySuite will be there as an event sponsor, showcasing our platform, meeting new contacts, and reconnecting with satisfied customers. We’re looking forward to the event and hope to see you there!

5 Reasons to Join the Virtual FSTEC 2020 Community

FSTEC 2020 is guaranteed to provide restaurateurs with information they can use right away and insights and connections they will benefit from for years to come. Here are five reasons to add FSTEC 2020 to your calendar.

1.     Exclusive Content.

Every week, FSTEC will launch 3 webinars, showcase executive interviews, keynote presentations from industry experts and leaders, and discussion forums that anyone can access and review. That’s 70 speakers over the course of 3 months!

2.     Build Connections.

Learn more about new products and services, connect with sponsors, explore opportunities and solutions, schedule demos, and participate in research polls.

3.     Explore the Community.

Join in discussion boards, explore FAQ sessions, and discover new resources throughout the event.

4.     On-Demand Access.

FSTEC 2020 is available on demand, 24/7. You can log in to watch events or download content whenever it is convenient for you. No need to try and work attendance into your busy schedule!

5.     It’s Free and Open to Anyone.

There is no cost to restaurant operators who volunteer their time and become an Industry Leader. Anyone can join at any time just by clicking here

Learn more about the event and explore FSTEC 2020 at https://fstec.com.  

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