Toast and SynergySuite Join Forces to Streamline Back Office Operations

Toast and SynergySuite Join Forces to Streamline Back Office Operations blog header image

SynergySuite has teamed up with Toast Inc., a leading point-of-sale system, to provide a complete operating solution for boosting restaurant efficiency and profitability. This partnership enables Toast customers to leverage their POS data to improve profitability through intelligent purchasing recommendations, optimized staff scheduling, and food safety monitoring using SynergySuite’s mobile tools. Together, these two platforms allow managers to streamline operations and gain valuable insights into critical areas of their business.

As most owners know all too well, it takes a lot to run a successful restaurant. Aside from coordinating day-to-day operations, restaurateurs are also tasked with the difficult job of dealing with external factors influencing their restaurant. Tough competition, unpredictable customers, and strict government regulation can often make running a foodservice business especially challenging. Declining sales and increasing labor costs also continue to threaten business’ top and bottom lines.

Despite the tough environment of the restaurant industry, owners remain optimistic for the future. According to a survey by Toast, 86% of restaurateurs believe they directly influence the success of their restaurant and look forward to growth in the coming years. Although owners cannot control all aspects of their business, the joint platform presented by SynergySuite and Toast make it easier to manage what they can control. This partnership gives managers tools to surface valuable insights, more efficiently operate new aspects of their business, and increase revenue.

SynergySuite and Toast are excited to be able to provide customers with a single, customizable solution for managing their entire foodservice business. With less time spent worrying about internal operations, managers will be able to focus on taking their restaurant to the next level. Restaurateurs have a lot on their plate, but SynergySuite looks forward to enhancing their experience through this partnership with Toast.

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