Restaurant Management Training: What You Need to Know

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Are you considering restaurant management training to jumpstart your career? Perhaps you’re an employer looking for someone to fill your restaurant management position. Yet, you’re unsure how to get them the training they need to be successful in their new role. Let’s take a look at what the vast field of restaurant management training looks like!

Who is the typical restaurant manager?

A restaurant manager must engage in a variety of tasks including:

  • Monitoring team performance
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Employee orientation and training
  • Inventory management
  • Financial management

And that’s just to name a few. You want your restaurant manager to be someone you can trust to create a great culture and productive work environment, but you also want them to be educated. This is where restaurant management training comes in.

What training do you need to be a restaurant manager?

In the past your typical restaurant manager had a high school diploma or GED and that was considered par for the course. However, with increasing competition the expectations are changing. Today we’re seeing more restaurant managers with an associate or bachelor’s degree in hospitality. Though these are sometimes nice-to-have accomplishments, you don’t need a college degree to achieve success as a restaurant manager. In fact you can find a variety of restaurant management training courses available from various web platforms. The trick is identifying which ones will provide your future manager with the tool set that they need to be successful.

How do I train my new restaurant manager?

When looking for a new restaurant manager, seeking hospitality graduates is a fantastic and safe route to take. However, what about your loyal employee applicant who has been with you for years? Someone who has proven they’re reliable and ready to take on more responsibility. This person may not be prepared to go through four years of college before you promote them. What if you need them to fill this position now and train on-the-job? A certificate program may be the route for you.

What’s the difference between a traditional college program and online certification for restaurant management?

A defining factor between a college program and an online course is the time frame a student has to digest and explore the information they encounter. Let’s say you want your future manager to receive an online certificate rather than a degree. You’ll first need to take inventory of your intended priorities for that position. This will help you identify the most compatible and relevant training available. There are some fantastic restaurant management training courses available through Udemy and Cornell. These restaurant management training programs go beyond simpler programs which fail to cover topics such as financial and labor management, operations optimizations, and team building.

Is restaurant management a good career choice? Which restaurant management training program is best for me?

Do you enjoy working with people? Are you interested in the daily operations of your current or future business? Do you enjoy variety in your day-to-day work? If you answered yes to these questions then a restaurant management program may be right for you.

The United States food service industry is seeing an increase in employment currently poised at approximately eleven million individuals as of August 2021. Additionally, United States food service managers are seeing a mean salary of $36,790 annually. 

The path for someone interested in a career in restaurant management may be slightly different from an employer looking to train an employee. Although you could utilize a certificate program or restaurant management course, you must keep in mind that every restaurant is a little different. Each restaurant owner has slightly different priorities. What’s expected at one restaurant may not even be a consideration at another. Your restaurant management training program may need to be more vast and all-encompassing to handle the variety of situations you may encounter throughout your career. This is where a college degree could potentially be more appropriate.

Should I pursue a traditional college degree for restaurant management training?

Through a collegiate restaurant manager training program, time is less of an issue and you’re therefore free to explore more possibilities within the restaurant management field. You’ll receive training on the aforementioned subjects such as labor and operations. Additionally, you’ll delve into the plethora of other career paths that your restaurant management training program can prepare you for. Some additional opportunities include:

  • Hotel Management
  • Event Management
  • Public House Management
  • Chef
  • Catering Manager

Additionally, a restaurant management training program through a college will likely include one or more internship opportunities. These will allow you to act on or observe concepts and ideas presented in your classes. Your internship(s) will help you get your foot in the door. Though, most colleges also provide help in job placement at graduation.

How do you go about preparing to become a restaurant manager?

Let’s say you are employed with a restaurant and you see a potential management opportunity. To move into a management role you may consider coordinating with your employer. Together you can identify the best restaurant management training program suited for your particular situation. In addition to getting the training you require for that role you may impress your employer with your initiative.

Do you have to have a degree or certificate as part of your restaurant management training?

Keep in mind that a degree or certificate is not necessarily a requirement depending on the restaurant. In some situations an employer may have their own restaurant management training program in-house specific to their business model. Be sure to communicate with your employer about your desire for the position so that you don’t over complicate the process for yourself.

Summing it all up

Although restaurant management training can seem daunting, it’s essential and a benefit to both the manager and business. Identify the type of training that’s most relevant to your particular situation. Then choose a restaurant management training program that suits those specific needs.

While you’re at it, consider upgrading your current system to include our essential restaurant management software. We can assist your manager-in-training with their inventory management, labor management, operations management, and much more. Request a demo here!

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