The Best Restaurant Management Software in 2021

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Are you looking for the best restaurant management software in 2021? We can help. But before we dive in, let’s uncover just what restaurant management software is, the benefits, and what to look for in a restaurant management software.

What is restaurant management software?

As the name implies, restaurant management software is a tool that helps restaurants manage their daily operations in order to optimize processes and improve profitability.

What are the benefits of restaurant management software?

Restaurant management software makes managing your restaurant much easier, freeing you up to focus on improving your menu or making other changes. Instead of spending all your time and energy managing the admin side of your restaurant, you can put effort into making it better. Whether it’s improving the menu or getting more face time with guests and employees, restaurant management software frees you up to do what you do best.

What is the best restaurant management software?

The best restaurant management software depends on your needs, so it will depend on whether you’re looking for a point-of-sale system, back-of-house platform, customer experience software, or something else. Start by figuring out the problem you’re looking to solve with restaurant management software, and then cross reference it with the features of the vendors you’re looking at to find the best software for you.

What are the features of SynergySuite’s restaurant management software?

Our enterprise restaurant management suite helps you manage every aspect of your restaurant. Instead of using multiple apps to improve your business, you get one fully integrated back-of-house platform that combines all the tools you need in one place. Our restaurant management software keeps your operation running smoothly, with functionality in the following areas:

  • Inventory
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Purchasing
  • Scheduling and Labor Management
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Food Safety 
  • Cash Management


Tracking your inventory is key. You need to keep enough inventory in stock without having too much excess or waste. An inventory management software solution that works is critical if you want to run a successful restaurant. With SynergySuite, you can connect your POS data to get real-time feedback on the number of items sold, and ditch the count sheets and take inventory right on your mobile device.

Reporting & Analytics

It’s hard to know where to improve your restaurant if you don’t have data to reference. That’s why reporting and analytics are key. Our restaurant reporting and analytics software streamlines reporting by pulling in the data you need to make decisions. 

From real-time sales data to product margin reports, detailed analytics help you make informed decisions. You can even allow role-specific visibility and access so restaurant owners have the visibility they need for their specific restaurant operation. Need custom reporting? We can work that out too.


The right ingredients, in the right amounts, for the right price—that’s what you need to succeed in the restaurant business. It’s where our restaurant purchasing software comes in. Take advantage of our purchasing system integrated with your inventory to set PAR levels and alerts about low inventory, EDI integrations with key suppliers, and order reconciliation. 

What are the best features of our purchasing software? Automatic invoice matching, automatic pricing updates, inventory integration, vendor discount validation, and an easy built-in approval system are just the start. Don’t want the hassle of filling out orders every time? Then just enable automatic ordering. Purchasing is one of the biggest pain points for restaurants. We’ll make yours a breeze.

Time & Attendance

There are few industries in which time and attendance are more important than in the restaurant business. To keep guests happy and the business running smoothly, you need to have enough employees in the right positions. And in order for them to be effective, they need clear visibility into their schedule. That’s why you need restaurant scheduling software

Handwritten, messy schedules can cause miscommunications and pretty big hiccups if you’re not careful. Since there can be a lot of turnover in staff within the restaurant business, it’s critical to have software that helps you stay organized. If features like automatic schedule creation, overtime alerts, and a dedicated clocking app sound enticing, let’s talk. Want to track hourly sales against labor costs? What about payroll integration and clocking in and out with just a fingerprint? We can also help you there.

Human Resources

Does your restaurant have an HR department? Our HR and staffing software for restaurants can give them a hand. Compliance is key, especially in the restaurant industry. Our tools help you ensure managers are complying with local laws and restaurant regulations. What about training progress, staff records, and staff lifecycle management? Yes, we help with those also. Above all, communication with employees is key. The great news? SynergySuite makes connecting with your staff easy. Send messages and notifications with just a tap.


Consistency and quality, or better yet, consistent quality—that’s what gives your restaurant staying power. Our restaurant operations software helps you systematize your operations to improve communication, increase accountability, and give autonomy to your employees. Streamlining your operations means greater efficiency and often greater profits.

Think checklists, communications solutions, and employee empowerment tools all on one platform. It’s what you get with SynergySuite. We’re driven to boost visibility and efficiency so you can spend less time worrying about your business and more time enjoying it and improving it. 

Food Safety

Nothing can damage your reputation more quickly than a food safety slip-up. If a patron gets food poisoning, it’s not a good look for your restaurant, especially if they take to the internet to share their far-from-glowing review. And if an inspection happens and your restaurant’s not up to the highest standards of food safety, that’s a major issue. Our food safety software can help.

Keep guests safe by maintaining proper food handling and safety precautions. Food temperature tracking, cleaning and maintenance schedules, and even equipment failure alerts—these are all features you’ll rely on in our food safety software.

Cash Management

If your restaurant doesn’t have good cash management processes, you can find money walking out the door. Accountability is key, and tracking and security are paramount. It’s where our restaurant cash management software comes in. 

What will you love about our software? It lets you monitor cash movement, keep digital cash sheets, monitor counting frequency, and keep track of cash movement from the customer all the way to the bank. Make staff accountability, digital sign offs, and audits simple with our easy-to-use solution.

How do you decide which restaurant management solutions your business needs?

The list of software for restaurants to be effective can be quite extensive. When you really dig into all the tools you’ll need to take your restaurant to the next level, it can feel overwhelming. But if you have restaurant management software that does the function of multiple apps and tools on one simple platform, that makes things easier. It means managing everything is about to become a lot simpler, and your restaurant will become more efficient and profitable. 

Ready to get started?

We know that the restaurant business, while fulfilling, can be draining. Finding the time to figure out where you need to improve and how you can optimize your processes is easier said than done. Just take a deep breath, because we are here to make it all painless. Those dreams you have for exciting new dishes and innovative new initiatives? They’re within reach because we’ll take care of the heavy-lifting that keeps your restaurant running smoothly on the backend.

We’re always ready to chat about your specific needs and find the custom solution for your situation. Your restaurant is everything to you. Making it simple to manage is everything to us.

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