5 Reasons to Invest in a Restaurant Management Software When Opening a New Restaurant Location

Opening a new restaurant location is the perfect time to invest in a restaurant management software system. Everything is starting up from scratch so there’s no need to try and integrate old and new systems and you’ll be able to establish best practices for inventory and purchasing, payroll, HR, and back office operations from the start.

Maximize Profits and Minimize Headaches With Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software is designed to help restaurant owners maximize profits by collecting and organizing real-time data so restauranteurs can use that data to make business decisions. Here are 5 reasons why a restaurant management software system is a worthwhile investment for new restaurants:

1.     One-Stop Integration of Multiple Processes.

Restaurants have many disparate processes that must operate in sync with one another. Restaurant-specific software systems integrate all of these different requirements and processes into one system to help owners maximize efficiencies and productivity. 

2.     Front of House Solutions.

Happy customers are the lifeblood of successful restaurants. Front of house solutions like reservations, loyalty programs, and point of sale solutions improve the guest experience while providing managers with valuable data at the same time.

3.     Real-Time Inventory Data.

Restaurant inventory software provides a better way to manage inventory. Cloud-based apps eliminate the need for manual data entry, spreadsheets, and checklists by integrating with point-of-sale solutions for real-time inventory counts. 

4.     Financial Solutions.

Purchasing, cash management, and accounts payable solutions maintain that all important paper trail for the restaurant. Easily pull records at tax time, ensure your payroll and corporate taxes are all up-to-date, reconcile accounts, and run reports to analyze trends and performance so you are always a step ahead. 

5.     People Solutions.

Employees are your greatest asset and your greatest liability. Restaurant management software can ease the management process with scheduling and operational solutions. Track attendance, maintain digital records, provide training, streamline communications, and set reminders so your employees are always all on the same page.

Synergy Suite provides an all-in-one restaurant management software solution. Enjoy access to all of your tools and data in a cloud-based system that works when you work. Contact us at hello@synergysuite.com or 415.527.0861 to learn more about how our solutions are driving change in the restaurant industry.

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