This Week in ResTech: The Power of Branded Apps

This Week in ResTech: The Power of Branded Apps blog header image

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover the myriad ways you can use branded apps to drive sales and loyalty, as well as what trends will hit their stride in 2019.

1. How Restaurants Can Use Push Notifications to Drive Sales

Modern Restaurant Management – So you have a branded app, but are still learning how to build your strategy. Learn how to harness the data you’re gathering to provide timely, personal notifications that drive sales. Read More

2. 6 Ways a Restaurant-Branded App Streamlines Order Taking

QSR Magazine – Cut down on lines and lost tickets, give customers visibility and more by taking advantage of the benefits your branded app gives you. Read More

3. 3 restaurant tech trends that can help get the ‘whole house’ in order

Fast Casual — “Restaurants continue to find themselves in a situation where they cannot innovate quickly or participate in critical technology because of past integrations and architecture. In the meantime, third-party technologies, focused on consumers and restaurant staff, are evolving at a record pace.” Read More

4. 2019 QSR lifesaver: Clever, competitive use of tech

QSRweb – Smartphones have changed the way restaurants do business, and QSRweb took a look at the tech tools and trends shaping success for QSRs in 2019. Read More

5. Three Tech Trends Operators Should Keep Top of Mind in 2019

Modern Restaurant Management – Tech advancements are moving faster than ever to change the way restaurants do business. What can you expect in 2019? Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

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