This Week in ResTech: Catering to Customers

This Week in ResTech: Catering to Customers blog header image

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover technology that helps restaurants better cater to customer needs. From expanding online ordering to voice automation to facial recognition, it’s all about reducing friction in interactions using technology.

1. Voice Automation Primed to Disrupt Restaurant Industry

Forbes – Last month, Dunkin’ became the most recent company to introduce voice-activated ordering through Amazon’s Alexa. In this article, Alicia Kelso argues that this is just the beginning of voice automation, and voice has become a fourth technology pillar, along with phone, web and mobile. Read More

2. Facial Recognition Goes Mainstream

Wall Street Journal – Facial recognition to enable easy payments has started to make its way into a handful of stores testing out the technology, including CaliBurger. As businesses in foodservice and beyond start to embrace the tech, it has yet to be seen whether their customers will too. Read More

3. How to reduce operational costs in your restaurant

Restaurant Business – Voice of Customer programs have traditionally been used to make improvements based off customer feedback, but can VoC help reduce your operational costs? Read More

4. QSR website access suits surge: Are you prepared?

QSRweb – Lawsuits related to disability access online have begun to grow. What should you be doing to make your site accessible for all users? Read More

5. Postmates secures $300M in venture funding

Restaurant Business – Delivery service Postmates has raised $300 million to expand its on-demand model. This development comes as many restaurants are struggling with how to provide delivery services. Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

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