5 Tips to Leverage Your Restaurant Management Software During the Pandemic

Leverage Your Restaurant Management System in the Pandemic

Restaurant management software, like all technology, is supposed to make life easier. But if you’re not using it to its fullest potential, you’re still losing more time and money than you should. Maybe you thought your operational costs weren’t that bad pre-pandemic, but now, when every dollar and minute counts , it’s time to take a fresh look at your restaurant management software to see how it can work better for you. We’ve got 5 tips on how to get started.

Using Restaurant Management Software to Drive Efficiency

  1. Labor Costs. Use time and attendance software tools to track staffing data and ensure compliance with labor laws. These tools can ease this burden through predictive, automatic scheduling, timecard tracking, and using historical data to create efficient schedules.
  1. Payroll Integrations. Save yourself even more time and headaches with payroll integrations to your labor scheduling software. Easily approve timecards and schedule them to be sent to your payroll provider.
  1. Inventory Management. How much time would you save if you always had real-time theoretical numbers? Or didn’t have to transfer inventory counts into a spreadsheet? How much money would you save if you could auto order based on par levels and reduce food waste due to over-ordering? Inventory management software can help you with all of these challenges, when leveraged properly.
  1. Purchasing Management Software. Direct supplier integrations, invoice matching and pricing updates are only a few of the ways restaurant purchasing software can make your life easier. For example, Chronic Tacos was able to use line cost approval in their purchasing software to control pricing spikes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  1. Contactless Payments. Contactless payments were on the upswing before the pandemic but have exploded in popularity this year. Give your guests the option of mobile or online payments, then track that data through the POS integration with your restaurant management software solution.
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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

Between increased costs, labor shortages, and socio-economic complexities - staying on top of labor costs is more important than ever for franchise owners.

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