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Total Annual Savings


Food and Drink Cost Savings


Customers like you have saved 1% on food and drink costs after switching to SynergySuite Inventory.

With real-time inventory levels, SynergySuite detects which employees are over portioning, reduces excess food waste, and uses advanced analytics to ensure the optimal amount of inventory is automatically ordered from suppliers at the right time.

Labor Cost Savings


Customers like you have saved 1% on labor costs after switching to SynergySuite Time & Attendance.

SynergySuite improves scheduling accuracy with a biometric clocking system putting an end to buddy clocking. Easily monitor labor costs and make better decisions with overtime alerts preventing unnecessary overtime costs.

Productivity Savings


Customers like you typically save 2 hours in productivity per location after switching to SynergySuite.

With inventory taken directly on a tablet, data is more accurate and doesn't need to typed or copied into another system. Inventory is automatically matched to supplier invoices ensuring the proper amount was delivered.