Restaurant management.

Streamlined operations and insight across all your locations.

We’re here to help you spend less time on ops and more time doing what you love. BecauseSynergySuite is made by restaurant people, our design is driven by a passion for food and community. From small chains to global operations, SynergySuite’s cloud-based restaurant management software unifies your operations in a single, easy-to-manage place.

Manage from Anywhere, Get Visibility into Everything

Choose the tools you need to streamline your business today, on a platform that can scale with you for the future.

Our Features

mobile restaurant software


Access everything you need from your phone or tablet on our app. We design for mobile first, because we know that’s how you live and work.
easy to use restaurant management software

Easy to Use

We make SynergySuite easy to learn and user friendly so everyone from servers to senior execs can use it.

cloud based restaurant software


No legacy software here. We are totally in the cloud, so you can access your information wherever and whenever you want to.

all in one restaurant software

Complete Suite

SynergySuite’s modules were built together from the ground up, so everything works and communicates seamlessly. Never deal with a Franken-suite again.
restaurant management software

Made for Restaurants

You don’t have to fit a square peg in a round hole with SynergySuite. Our product was made for restaurants by restaurant people.