This Week in ResTech: Using Technology to Get a Competitive Edge

This Week in ResTech: Using Technology to Get a Competitive Edge blog header image

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover how technology is giving different restaurants a competitive edge. Learn about big data, the race for a reservation challenger and finding the best delivery tool for you.

1. How Restaurants Are Using Big Data as a Competitive Tool
Wall Street Journal – Restaurants are increasingly using loyalty apps and other technology to offer personalized services, recommendations and experiences for guests. Read More

2. The Quest to Topple OpenTable
Eater – The original online reservation platform, OpenTable, still dominates the industry. But now other startups are hoping to challenge their ubiquity. Read More

3. How to Manage Multiple Restaurant Locations in the 21st Century
Toast – Making the decision to expand is nerve-racking and fraught with tough choices. It’s a financial leap, and means you can’t be deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of each location. But it can also be incredibly rewarding. If you think you’re ready to open more locations, Toast has some advice. Read More

4. Chef Chatter: How to deliver on new hospitality demands
Fast Casual – This one-on-one discussion with the head chef at Piada Italian Street Food covers everything from how to listen to customers, how they changed up their experience and what technology investment helped achieve those goals. Read More

5. What you need to know about the most popular food delivery apps
Fast Casual – Have you been trying to navigate the landscape of third-party food delivery apps? Fast Casual rounds up how each work, what the pros and cons are, and things you should consider for your business. Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

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