This Week in ResTech: Driving Revenue and Profitability

This Week in ResTech: Driving Revenue and Profitability blog header image

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles talk about ways digital and restaurant technology can make and save money. Learn from major restaurant brands about how data and digital experiences are helping them lower costs and drive revenue with better experiences.

1. Securing the Digital Restaurant at the Edge

Modern Restaurant Management – Are smart kitchens finally finding a foothold in the restaurant industry? Kitchen tech has the potential to help reduce food waste, increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and more. Read More

2. Chipotle CEO: Don’t underestimate the power of digital to boost sales

CNBC – Digital sale represent an ever-increasing portion of overall Chipotle sales, and CEO Brian Niccol sees digital as a way to help remove friction in ordering and making to help both the customer and employees. Read More

3. Garbanzo’s, Jimboy’s Tacos, Nekter discuss how customer data ‘makes’ the in-store experience

Fast Casual – How do you turn data into knowledge you can use to improve the customer experience? Three fast casual chains had experiences to share during the Fast Casual Executive Summit. Read More

4. How restaurants can lower operation costs, not standards

Fast Casual – Sometimes the pressure to get as much out of your margins as possible, leads to key standards slipping, which creates a downward spiral. So how do you keep standards up while making sure operations costs don’t creep up with them? Read More

5. Modernizing Your Restaurant POS System: Four Best Practices

Modern Restaurant Management – Change can be painful, but being stuck with a legacy system that no longer meets your needs is worth it. Find out how you can minimize the struggle of updating your POS. Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

Between increased costs, labor shortages, and socio-economic complexities - staying on top of labor costs is more important than ever for franchise owners.

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