SynergySuite Now Integrates With Breadcrumb Restaurant POS by Upserve

SynergySuite Now Integrates With Breadcrumb Restaurant POS by Upserve blog header image

Running a restaurant just got easier with the restaurant industry’s latest partnership between back-office platform SynergySuite and Breadcrumb restaurant POS by Upserve. The two companies recently announced they have developed an integration to provide customers with more options for managing their business. Connecting point-of-sale and back-of-house will enable both systems to leverage the other’s data and business intelligence for streamlined operations.

Breadcrumb restaurant POS facilitates the entire sales process – from recording customer orders to generating checks. Normally, the process would end here. With this integration, however, SynergySuite is able to take POS data such as sales, guest checks, and labor punches and use it to optimize its back-office activities. When an item is sold, SynergySuite deducts the appropriate amount from a theoretical inventory count based on measurements stored in its recipe manager. These numbers enable managers to stay informed about what they have on-hand at any given time. Any discrepancies between the estimated amounts and actual counts collected using SynergySuite’s mobile app will alert managers to possible issues of over-portioning, theft, and waste. Addressing these issues immediately will help restaurants to save time and money.

Since SynergySuite provides real-time inventory tracking, it is able to let managers know when a certain item is running low. This helps to prevent stock-outs and lost sales. SynergySuite is also able to suggest optimal order quantities based on previous purchases and sales forecasts in order to avoid over- or under- stocking. Restaurants can also integrate SynergySuite with their supplier’s system to simplify the purchasing and receiving process as well as guarantee you are getting the proper discounts and pricing.

SynergySuite and Upserve are changing the way restaurant operators run their business. With this integration, restaurants are able to experience cost and time savings like never before. SynergySuite is excited to work with Upserve and help restaurants take their business to the next level with increased profits and efficiency.

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