This Week in ResTech: Tech to Go Green

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Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover how technology is can help your restaurant become more sustainable, and save money at the same time.

1. 6 ways to reduce food waste in your supply chain

Fast Casual – Advances in technology, like smart packaging and better food waste analytics, are helping restaurants cut back on food waste, saving money and resources. Read More

2. Making green technology worth it

Nation’s Restaurant News – While energy efficiency has moved beyond just a trend, many restaurants still struggle to balance more energy efficient appliances with the higher pricetag. Read More

3. The Hidden Benefits of Restaurant POS Software

Modern Restaurant Management – If you’re not using your POS to its full advantage, you’re losing out. Modern POS systems can improve your reporting, and help you manage purchasing and inventory when tied to your back-of-house system. Read More

4. You’ll Wish You Had Heard of Guest Wi-Fi Analytics Sooner After Reading This

Toast – “Whether you run a single location or manage a multi-unit chain, guest Wi-Fi analytics can be the catalyst for continuous improvement, helping your business reach more profitable heights by improving marketing campaigns, saving on costs, making more informed operations decisions.” Read More

5. The 12 Best Restaurant Website Examples

Toast – It can be easy to forget how important your website is as the face of your restaurant. Even loyal customers will often stop by to double check hours, find a new location or to send the menu to a friend. See what makes a good first impression. Read More

Leveraging Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs Whitepaper cover image

Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

Between increased costs, labor shortages, and socio-economic complexities - staying on top of labor costs is more important than ever for franchise owners.

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