This Week in ResTech: Online Ordering and Loyalty Apps

This Week in ResTech: Online Ordering and Loyalty Apps blog header image

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover trends in online ordering and streamlined delivery, how tech is going to make or break restaurants in the next decade, and how to leverage food safety software to improve your overall operations.

1. 2018 Recap: The Year In ResTech Innovations – Online ordering tops the list in a round up of the new restech innovations for QSRs from 2018, but in-store ordering changes like kiosks are also attracting a lot of attention. Read More

2. App Annie Snapshot: Mobile Trends in QSR

Modern Restaurant Management – In 2018, consumers ordered food and drinks through apps 150% more often than in 2016. Food delivery apps are exploding worldwide, and QSR loyalty apps aren’t far behind. Read More

3. Putting pizza delivery apps to the test

Restaurant Dive – One website puts different pizza delivery options to the test to see if they’re just gimmicks, or genuinely useful. Read More

4. Evolve or Die: The Digital Disruption of the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management – “We see two type of restaurants in the future: ‘convenience’ and ‘experience’. Convenience locations should use technology to maximize transaction throughput and delivery options, while experience locations should use technology to improve the guest experience by reducing wait times.” Read More

5. The many operational options mobile food safety software offers QSRs

QSRweb – Food safety software is made to protect the health of your customers, but it can boost your operations in unexpected ways. Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

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