This Week in ResTech: Embracing Digital

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Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles talk about ways major players in the restaurant business are making moves to be more committed to improving their operations and experience with technology.

1. Amazon has invested in its first restaurant operations startup, and it could reveal the future of Alexa

Business Insider – Amazon is integrating Alexa voice automation into restaurant operations tools to make a more frictionless experience for customers. Read More

2. Why fast casual brands are embracing digital training with open arms

Fast Casual – More restaurants have begun to ditch the big binders and bring employee training into the digital age. Saving time, money and travel are big motivators, and execs say digital training has proved to be more effective. Read More

3. 5 emerging brands reveal secrets to success

Nation’s Restaurant News – Winners of the Hot Concepts Awards talk about what is driving their success—from authenticity to marketing overlook foods to social engagement. These tips are great for anyone wondering how to freshen up their brand. Read More

4. There’s no gray in TGI Fridays’ stance on tech

Restaurant Business Online – TGI Friday’s is leveraging data to provide as personalized experience as possible. In a talk at FSTEC, Chief Experience Officer Sherif Mityas pulls back the curtain on a few of their tech-driven customer experience practices. Read More

5. 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management – Feeling lost on how to navigate social media for your business? These 10 tips will help you up your social media marketing game. Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

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