This Week in ResTech: Delivery Drives the Conversation

This Week in ResTech: Delivery Drives the Conversation

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover the ongoing challenge and opportunity third-party delivery presents, as well as how branded apps are driving restaurant business.

1. Off-premise orders made up 54 percent of Noodles & Co’s Q4 sales

Fast Casual – Driven by digital orders, Noodles & Co’s off-premise orders are now over half of sales. Read More

2. Third-party delivery, commissary kitchens help operators navigate today’s challenging foodservice landscape

Fast Casual – As the demand for delivery continues to grow, a panel of restaurant operators at the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit described the challenges and solutions they’re finding with third-party delivery. Read More

3. Third-party delivery forces tough decisions for restaurants

Fast Casual – “[T]hird-party delivery has delivered 20 to 40 percent growth for restaurants, but at the same time, it has compromised brand reputation for some companies because of poor quality service. Hence, the toughest decision brands are facing is to contract third-party delivery or provide their own in-house delivery service.” Read More

4. Restaurants Like Chipotle, McDonald’s Ramping Up Investments In Technology And Delivery To Spur Growth

Forbes – 70% of QSR operators plan to put more resources into front-of-house technology, and 57% plan to invest more in back-of-house technology to gain more efficiency in a tough labor market. Read More

5. What’s App-ening: The Era of Restaurant Apps

Modern Restaurant Management – Diners are increasingly turning to restaurant mobile apps to view menus, search for discounts, order food and make reservations. But is a branded app worth the investment for you? Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

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