This Week in ResTech: The Challenge and Opportunity of Third-Party Delivery

This Week in ResTech: The Challenge and Opportunity of Third-Party Delivery blog header image

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover the ongoing challenge and opportunity third-party delivery presents, as well as ways to use your receipts to increase revenue, tips and loyalty.

1. Working Well with Third-Party Delivery Apps

Modern Restaurant Management – “The number of food delivery app downloads is up 380 percent since 2015… [and] U.S. restaurant delivery sales will rise an average of 12 percent a year to $76 billion in the next four years. Several restaurants are changing their design to accommodate the meteoric rise in delivery apps. Restaurants themselves are getting smaller as more space is given to delivery counters and to-go racks.” Read More

2. Why Restaurants Need Tech That Takes Training Into the Kitchen

QSR Magazine – Creating consistency across your locations requires more than just person-to-person training. It’s time to built a training system that can be taken into your kitchen. Read More

3. Add These 3 Things to Your Digital Restaurant Receipts to Increase Tips, Revenue, and Repeat Customers

Toast – It’s easy to forget, but a receipt is one of the last impressions your restaurant makes on a customer. Take advantage of that final interaction by adding elements to your receipt to drive loyalty and revenue. Read More

4. Starbucks Tries a Bitcoin Strategy

QSR Magazine – While Starbucks isn’t accepting Bitcoin in store, they are working with Bakkt as a third-party intermediary to accept crypto payments. Read More

5. Making local tech hubs make money for your QSR

QSRweb – Learn how QSRs are partnering with big tech companies to feed employees. Read More

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Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

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