This Week in ResTech: Capturing Customer Attention

This Week in ResTech: Capturing Customer Attention blog header image

Learn about the latest in foodservice and restaurant management technology. This week’s articles cover ways technology helps you find new customers, talk to customers in the most effective ways and capture customer attention.

1. The data differences that put QSR customer engagement on steroids

QSRweb – Data can make a big difference in giving QSR brands a competitive advantage. By collecting, analyzing and acting on customer data, these companies can help create individualized relationships through great experiences. Read More

2. Six Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs to Adopt Marketing Automation

Modern Restaurant Management – Are you looking to build out your marketing capabilities? It may be time to get a marketing automation solution to help you engage more consistently with customers, drive loyalty and let you speak to customers how and when they want to hear from you. Read More

3. How to Respond to Negative Reviews of Your Restaurant

Toast – Online reputation is more important than ever when it comes to the success of your restaurant. Even though negative reviews are frustrating, how you respond to them can help take the sting out. Read More

4. Pei Wei, Kizuki, Curry Up Now discuss the challenge of showing up in unbranded search

Fast Casual – When it comes to capturing first-time diners, showing up on Google for unbranded searches is critical to catch “hungry searchers.” Read More

5. Emerging Technologies Taking Over the Food and Drink Industry

Modern Restaurant Management – Many restaurants are undergoing transformations facilitated by technology. From third-party delivery to automated equipment to inventive promotions, technology is changing the game. Read More

Leveraging Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs Whitepaper cover image

Leverage Technology to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

Between increased costs, labor shortages, and socio-economic complexities - staying on top of labor costs is more important than ever for franchise owners.

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