Reporting and Analytics Software for Restaurants

Comprehensive reports and analytics on sales, inventory, and profitability – based on data entered and external systems.

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Consolidate Data from Multiple Sources

Real-Time Sales Data

By connecting directly to your existing point-of-sale, reports show the latest sales data in real-time.

Instantly Calculate Profitability

View profitability in real-time for each store by leveraging food and labor costs from Purchasing and Time & Attendance products

Reduce Administrative Costs

Eliminate the need for staff to manually consolidate data from different systems.

Surface Key Insights to Improve Profitability

Comprehensive Reporting

Surface the right data by leveraging tons of built-in reports or create custom ones with a full Business Intelligence suite.

Drill Down to Check Level Detail

Filter, sort, and drill down to check level detail when it comes to making critical decisions.

Accessible on Any Device

All reports are accessible on a mobile phone or tablet allowing staff to access the data they need, the moment they need it.

Proactive Alerts

Employees are only notified when metrics cross a set threshold; allowing them to prevent problems before they get out-of-hand.

Completely Customizable

Appropriate Access for Each User

Custom user profiles allow for appropriate access at each level of your organization, showing only the reports they need.

Single-Store and Consolidated Views

Reports can show either single-store or a combined view based on the user profile.

Schedule Daily Reports

Reports can be scheduled to be sent automatically via email daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

Custom Reports

Custom reports can be easily created using a full Business Intelligence suite.

Featured Reports

Visually see a product margin analysis of each menu item from the best performing items in green to items that need some attention in red.

See how each store is performing from a gross profit standpoint and setup alerts if a store performs below margin expectations.

Instantly view the performance of each location and address any issues before it’s too late. It includes a daily P&L, Top Sales Categories, Sales vs. Wages, & other KPIs.

See how the value of inventory items change from opening to closing. This report includes: Deliveries, Returns, Transfers, Waste, Sales, etc.

Easily compare Actual vs. Theoretical variances and setup variance alerts when the variance of an item or category exceeds a threshold.

“SynergySuite has given us the data we require to grow with a strong understanding of our business.”
Martin Dempster, Operations Director

The SynergySuite Platform

Modern interface designed for mobile devices that’s intuitive and easy-to-use.

Cloud-based platform accessible from the web with native apps for iOS and Android.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing POS, accounting, payroll, and vendor systems.

Completely customizable – each user has the appropriate level of access based on job function.

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