Point of Sale Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to be used to determine the point of sale and back office software currently used in each pub.
A Point Of Sale (POS) is the cash register where staff ring through sales.

If the pub is part of a chain, what is the name of the chain?

What is the name of the point of sale software you're currently using?
To determine Point of Sale (POS) software look for a company name on the screen of the cash register or check for the name on any stickers on the front or back of the cash register.

Do you know what version of Point of Sale software you are running?
This is usually identified by a number after the name of the software.

Do you know the name of the company that supports your Point of Sale?
Who do you call if you have an issue ringing through sales?

Can you currently view pub sales through the internet when you are not in the pub?

Do you use a back office stock control system?

What is the name of your back office stock software?

Do you currently use a scheduling system?

What is the name of your scheduling system?

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