Synergysuite modules

Our solution of modules includes everything you need to run your back of house efficiently. Lower food costs and improve profitability for each store through effective inventory management and reliable reporting.

The SynergySuite Modules include: Inventory, Purchasing, HR, Reporting & Analytics, Labor & Scheduling, Operations, Food Safety, and Cash Management. 

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  • Use Your Existing Point of Sale

    SynergySuite connects directly to your existing point-of-sale system for real-time data on items sold.

  • Live Inventory Depletion

    Get an accurate picture of inventory on-hand with real-time tracking of all items.

  • Never Run Out Of Stock

    Know when an item is running out with low inventory level alerts.

Modernize business decisions

  • Replace Count Sheets

    Take inventory directly on a mobile device and automatically convert multiple units of measure.

  • Reduce Administration Costs

    Save costs on data entry by entering data only once.

  • Increase Counting Accuracy

    Reduce fat-fingering and transposition errors by eliminating data re-entry.

  • Improve Productivity

    Input data only once, and easily access it with a mobile device from the palm of your hand.

SynergySuite is mobile

Cloud and mobile

  • iOS & Android App

    Work from iPhone, Android, Tablet, or Computer with SynergySuite.

  • Stop Using Spreadsheets

    Ditch antiquated systems and streamline your restaurant operations.

  • Work Whereever You Are

    Out of data? No problem. Work offline and we'll sync when you have service again.


  • Actual vs. Theoretical Variance

    Easily identify when product goes missing and correct the issue immediately.

  • Full Recipe Costing

    Maintain margins as menu items and ingredients are altered and approve supplier pricing changes.

  • Product Margin Analysis

    Quickly compare menu item profitability across locations and receive alerts on high cost ingredients.

black iPad showing restaurant management software

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