Health Check & COVID-19 Sanitation Checklists

Manage COVID-19 prevention processes with a platform for critical employee wellness checks, and COVID-19 sanitation checklists. Take employee or customer temperatures, track health assessments, and communicate and track new sanitation standards. Build employee trust to drive customer confidence.

Temperature Checks

  • Monitor Worker Health

    Track whether employees meet government guidelines for normal temperatures. Protect employee privacy by recording a pass/fail on fever rather than tracking exact temperatures.

  • Contactless Temperature Checks

    Use the forehead thermometer of your choice to check up on employees without endangering manager health, then record results in SynergySuite.

  • Track Mandatory Sick Leave

    If employees are put on sick leave after having a fever, you can track manager actions taken and total time off.

Wellness Assessments

  • Customizable Health Assessments

    Create wellness assessments that are customizable by location to fit regional or franchisee requirements.

  • See Location-Based Reporting

    Monitor your locations for illness hotspots to respond proactively to protect employee and customer health.

  • Tie Assessment Completion to Clock In

    Ensure employees are completing their wellness assessment before they are able to clock in. Restrict employees from being able to clock in for a certain duration after failing an assessment.

SynergySuite Wellness Checksv2

COVID-19 Checklists

  • Get Expert Guidance

    Pre-built sanitation checklists made specifically to address the new challenges of COVID-19.

  • Set Frequency Alerts

    Enforce more frequent cleaning and sanitation by mandating tasks at specific intervals.

  • Location and Company-Level Reporting

    Quickly see and address any areas where employees may be struggling with compliance.

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