Inventory Management Software for Restaurants

Lower food costs and improve profitability for each store through effective inventory management and reliable reporting.

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Better Purchasing Decisions

Use Your Existing Point of Sale

SynergySuite connects directly to your existing point-of-sale system for real-time data on items sold.

Live Inventory Depletion

Get an accurate picture of inventory on-hand with real-time tracking of all items.

Never Run Out of Stock

Know when an item is running out with low inventory level alerts.


Improve Accuracy and Productivity

Replace Count Sheets

Take inventory directly on a mobile device and automatically convert multiple units of measure.

Reduce Administration Costs

Save costs on data entry by entering data only once.

Increase Counting Accuracy

Reduce fat-fingering and transposition errors by eliminating data re-entry.

Improve Productivity

Input data only once, and easily access it with a mobile device from the palm of your hand.

Improve Your Food Costs

Actual vs. Theoretical Variance

Easily identify when product goes missing and correct the issue immediately.

Full Recipe Costing

Maintain margins as menu items and ingredients are altered and approve supplier pricing changes.

Product Margin Analysis

Quickly compare menu item profitability across locations and receive alerts on high cost ingredients.

Gain Insights and Increase Profitability

Compare Location Performance

Instantly compare profitability by location and get alerts if a location is under-performing.

Comprehensive Reporting

Surface the right data by leveraging tons of built-in reports or create custom ones with a full BI suite.

Reduce Food Waste and Spoilage

Log and monitor food waste for both raw and finished goods and compare locations against each other.

Consolidate Your Inventory Process

POS Integration

Connect SynergySuite directly to your existing point-of-sale with no hardware changes required. View compatible systems >

Vendor/Supplier Integration

Integrate electronically with vendors to enable up-to-date price lists and pack sizes, reducing data entry errors.

Recipe Management

Centrally store recipes, preparation guidelines, and videos.

“SynergySuite has improved our gross profit by 4% and saved us hours every night”
Noell Goddard, Operations Director

The SynergySuite Platform

Modern interface designed for mobile devices that’s intuitive and easy-to-use.

Cloud-based platform accessible from the web with native apps for iOS and Android.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing POS, accounting, payroll, and vendor systems.

Completely customizable – each user has the appropriate level of access based on job function.

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