Restaurant Stock Software

Real-time tracking to help you cut stock count time in half. Improve profitability with faster, more accurate stock; and lower food and beverage costs using effective stock management tools with reliable reporting.
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Real-Time Visibility and Increased Profitability

  • Connect Your Point-of-Sale Data

    SynergySuite connects directly to your existing point-of-sale system for real-time data on items sold. View compatible POS systems.

  • Compare Location Performance

    Instantly compare profitability by location and get alerts if a location is under-performing.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Review the right data by leveraging built-in reports for restaurants, or create custom reports with a full BI suite.

  • Live Stock Depletion

    Get an accurate picture of stock on hand with real-time tracking of all items.

  • Never Run Out of Stock

    Know when an item is running low with stock level alerts.

Improve Accuracy and Productivity

  • Replace Count Sheets

    Take stock directly on a mobile device, and automatically convert multiple units of measure.

  • Reduce Admin Costs and Boost Productivity

    You only enter data once, and can easily share reports and numbers with SynergySuite as your single source of truth.

  • Increase Counting Accuracy

    Reduce keyboard slipups and transposition errors by eliminating data re-entry.

SynergySuite Inventory on white ipad
black iPad showing restaurant management software

Improve Your Food Costs

  • Actual vs. Theoretical Variance

    Easily identify when product goes missing and correct the issue immediately.

  • Full Recipe Costing

    Maintain margins as menu items and ingredients are altered or supplier pricing changes. Integrate electronically with vendors to enable up-to-date price lists and pack sizes.

  • Recipe Management

    Centrally store recipes, prep guidelines and videos.

  • Reduce Food Waste and Spoilage

    Log and monitor food waste for both raw and finished goods and compare locations against each other.

  • Product Margin Analysis

    Quickly compare menu item profitability across locations and receive alerts on high cost ingredients.

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