Restaurant Reporting and Analytics Software

Access an accurate single source of truth to make data-driven decisions. Get comprehensive reports and analytics on sales, stock and profitability.
Restaurant Reporting Software on iMac

Consolidate Data from Multiple Sources

  • Real-Time Sales Data

    By connecting directly to your existing point-of-sale, accounting and suppliers, reports show the latest data in real time. See our integration partners

  • Instantly Calculate Profitability

    View profitability in real time for each store by leveraging food and labor costs.

  • Reduce Admin Costs

    Eliminate manual data transfer and consolidation from different systems, and access reports on any device to get up-to-the-moment information.

Gain Key Insights to Improve Profitability

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Surface the right data by leveraging built-in reports, or create custom reports with a full business intelligence suite. Featured reports include product margin analysis, geographical analysis, daily store summary, live stock movement, and actual vs theoretical variance.

  • Drill Down to Check Level Detail

    Filter, sort and drill down to check level detail for in-depth analysis.

  • Proactive Alerts

    Employees are notified when metrics cross a set threshold, allowing them to address issues before they become problems.

Mobile phone with restaurant reporting software
Restaurant reporting software on white ipad

Completely Customizable

  • Custom Reports

    Custom reports can be easily created using a full business intelligence suite.

  • Appropriate Access for Each User

    Custom user profiles allow appropriate access at each level of your organization, showing only the reports they need.

  • Single-Store and Consolidated Views

    Reports can show either single-store or a combined view based on the user profile.

  • Rostering Reports

    Reports can be emailed automatically as often as you prefer—anything from daily to annually.

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