Restaurant Operations Software

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Mobile Restaurant Operation Checklist

Boost Productivity with Custom Checklists

  • Custom Tasks and Checklists

    Create checklists based on your business, with custom tasks for routine procedures like opening and closing duties, cleaning rosters, HACCP checklists and more.

  • Set Recurring Tasks

    Roster recurring tasks to remind employees to complete regular responsibilities.

  • Track Critical Issues

    Log and track maintenance requests and other critical business issues.

Increase Accountability and Empower Employees

  • Task Assignments and Friendly Reminders

    Assign tasks to employees to ensure tasks are regularly completed, and automatically notify them of upcoming deadlines.

  • Gain Visibility and Consistency

    Verify that each store has completed key tasks and is operating consistently.

  • Noncompliance Alers

    Notify management when key tasks are not completed to immediately address the issue.

restaurant employee taking count of inventory
Restaurant employees interacting with ipad

Improve Staff Communication

  • Document Shift Details

    Managers can record notes on each shift such as tardiness, customer complaints, staff incidents, guest counts and more.

  • Smoother Shift Changes

    Easily transition between managers with accessible shift notes and incident reports.

  • Real-Time Communication

    Instantly share notes with regional managers to identify best practices.


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