Restaurant Food Safety Software

Make headlines for food quality not safety mishaps. Ensure food is handled safely and all HACCP requirements are met at each location with proper monitoring and compliance.
restaurant food safety mobile app with temperature tester

Maintain Food Safety Compliance

  • Easily Record Food Temperatures

    Document food temperatures using Bluetooth thermometers during cooking and cooling cycles, and automatically create HACCP logs based on temperatures taken and tasks completed.

  • Corrective Actions

    If the temperature recorded is outside acceptable limits, corrective actions will alert staff to increase/decrease the temperature, or dispose of the item if it is unsafe to eat.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Rosters

    Assign tasks to employees to ensure all equipment is cleaned and maintained regularly.

  • Manager Sign Offs

    Require managers to digitally sign off to verify employees complete all required HACCP tasks.

Prevent Food Spoilage

  • Acceptable Delivery Temperatures

    Require employees to enter the temperature of certain foods before accepting a delivery, and reject items when delivered food is not within an acceptable range.

  • Monitor Suppliers

    Track whether suppliers have multiple issues with food delivery temperatures.

  • Equipment Failure Alerts

    Automatically monitor fridges and freezers and notify staff if temperatures rise above acceptable levels.

  • Temperature Check Reminders

    Staff members are reminded to complete line checks and monitor temperatures.

Food safety app on iphone
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