Have full visibility across all areas of your bar in real time, including wages, daily cash variances, purchase orders and inventory depletion.

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  • Handheld stock counting for instant access to stock reports
  • Labor scheduling simplifies staffing in the bars
  • Concise cash reconciliation provides visibility on cash flow from customer to bank
  • Simple workflow and checklists ensures completion of all daily tasks
  • Food & equipment monitoring system to alert you of hazards in your bars
  • Handheld delivery checking in cellars ensures your deliveries are recorded correctly


  • Subscribe for alerts for trends or discrepancies in your sites
  • Simple workflows ensure minimum training requirements
  • Prevents out of contract purchasing in your procurement process
  • View live stock movement reports, values and GPs across your bars
  • View live labor costs and staff hours in your bars and get alerted to any irregular trends or permits expiring
  • Eliminate stock discrepancies and track cash with instant alerts on closing cashier count variances

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