Sales Analysis

SynergySuite polls the sales in each location providing you with live sales information wherever you are.

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Seamless Integration

Running our software requires no hardware changes and runs with your existing point of sale.

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Daily Reports

Operating profit reports are sent directly to your inbox daily.

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Monitor All Locations

View full sales mix across all your locations and monitor up-selling, voids, clears, and refunds.

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Business Intelligence

Full business intelligence system with built in reports and ad-hoc reporting.

Business Intelligence

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User Defined Dashboards

Easily configure custom dashboards for each user or role. Allow each user to monitor KPIs critical to their role.

Real-time data

All data streamed live from point of sale, biometric clocks and other data entry points.

Automatic Alerting

Configure rules and let the system alert you to critical events.

No Hardware Changes

Use Your Existing Point of Sale

We connect directly to your existing point of sale system so no expensive hardware changes are required.

Mobile Reporting

Access your real-time reports from any device.

Supercharge your Point of Sale

By connecting your existing point of sale to SynergySuite you immediately access the real-time capabilities and full enterprise stack.

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See how SynergySuite increases your staff productivity with automatic time sheets and payroll integration.

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