Inventory & Purchasing

Improve the gross margin of each store through effective inventory management and reliable reporting, plus maintain control of your supply-chain and have complete visibility over purchasing across all locations.

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Daily Gross Profit Icon

Daily Gross Profit

Daily gross profit reports ensure you are selling the correct mix of goods and maintaining margins.

Live Inventory Icon

Live Inventory

Real-time depletion of inventory gives you an accurate picture of inventory at all times..

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Manage Recipes

Recipe management and costing ensures you are maintaining margins as supply prices change and menus are altered.

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Integration with Suppliers

Full electronic integration with your suppliers via EDI/XML and other emerging standards.

Food Cost Management

See exactly how to save money by analyzing gross margin for your restaurant chain in a few clicks. An incredibly powerful tool for Regional Managers, Finance, Operations and C-level. Watch the video to the above to learn more.

Compare Locations Performance

Compare locations sales, gross margins and food costs to what they should have been, then drill down into under-performing locations and compare actual food costs to what costs should have been for any item.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive an immediate notification if a location is performing below its target sales or gross margin. You can also monitor and receive alerts on high cost ingredients.

Menu Mix Analysis

Have a more profitable menu, by analyzing any menu item at one of your locations with just a few clicks. Know in real-time which items are hurting your margins by analyzing item sales, costs and profit margins.

Recipe Management

Central Recipe Store

Centrally store recipes, preparation guidelines and videos.

Full Recipe Costing

Manage margins on all sales items and monitor as input prices change.

Sales Mix Analysis

Carefully analyze which items are producing profit and which are not.

Recipe Management Screenshot

Live Inventory

Live Inventory Screenshot

Mobile Reporting

Get instant live inventory levels across all locations.

Automatic Ordering

Ensure optimal inventory levels are maintained and no stock outage occurs.

Reduce Fraud

By knowing at all times what levels of inventory should be on hand you can easily audit and prevent fraud and theft.

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Integration with Suppliers

Order Transmission

Orders are electronically transmitted to suppliers ensuring reliable delivery and tracking of status from order to delivery. View compatible suppliers on our integrations page.

Pricing Updates

Price updates from suppliers are routed to managers for approval and imported into the system reducing data entry errors.

Invoice Matching

Supplier invoices are automatically matched to orders. Any exceptions are noted and appropriate staff alerted.

Supplier Integration Screenshot

Integration with Accounts

Account Integration Screenshot

Accounts Payable Integration

Automatically post all approved invoices to Accounts payable ensuring accurate and timely entry. View compatible accounting systems on our integrations page.

Supplier Discount Tracking

Ensure you are receiving all relevant supplier discounts for on time payment and order levels

Cash Flow Management

Ensure correct timing of supplier payments to maintain efficient cash flow.

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