Food Safety (HACCP)

With monitoring and alert systems, SynergySuite will ensure food is handled safely across your entire organization and equipment is maintained properly.

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Food Delivery Temperature Icon

Food Delivery Temperature

Alert users when delivered items must be temperature checked. Automatically reject items above the threshold temperature.

Fridge Temperature Monitoring Icon

Fridge Temperature Monitoring

Monitor fridges and freezers automatically and alert appropriate staff if temperatures rise above acceptable levels.

Cooking & Cooling Checks

Cooking & Cooling Checks

Monitor food temperatures across cooking and cooling cycles to ensure safe levels at all times.

Alert System Icon

Alert System

Alert management to any issues before they become a problem. Fully customizable by user role to ensure you stay on top of critical items.

Food Delivery Monitoring

Food Delivery Monitoring Screenshot

Handheld System

Our handheld system and bluetooth temperature probes allow users to check deliveries as they arrive.

Built in Levels

Pre-programmed limits alert users to the correct expected temperatures for different food types and warn if delivered items are not in range.

Compliance Reporting

Monitor supplier compliance and watch for any repeat issues regarding deliveries.

Fridge and Freezer Monitoring

Fixed or Mobile

Monitor equipment with either fixed devices or using fast response handheld probes.

Instant Alerts

Get instant alerts in the case of cooling equipment failure - preventing food spoilage and saving costs.

User Tracking

Ensure users are monitoring equipment at relevant intervals and all equipment is maintained

Fridge and Freezer Monitoring

Cleaning Schedules

Cleaning Schedules Screenshot

Assign Schedules

Assign cleaning schedules to users and ensure that all equipment is maintained and cleaned as required.

Comprehensive Reporting

Ensure after use and daily/weekly schedules for deep cleaning are being adhered to with exception alerting.