Cash Management

In the hospitality business cash is king. Monitor the cash received from the customer, to the drawer, to the safe, then to your bank.

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Track Payments

View transactions and track pay-outs, comps, voids, discounts, cash and credit cards.

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Monitor Cash Movement

Monitor cash flow from the safe, to the till, to the deposit, and your bank account.

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Transaction Reconciliation

Verify credit card transactions and cash at registers.

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Alerts & Reports

Get alerted to any large cash variances in your store.

Tracking Cash Movement

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In The Store

Tracking cash movement within your stores is paramount – track cash drops, payouts and movement to and from the safe with a full user audit trail.

From the Safe

Track change received and cash pickups or drops made by your managers. Ensure that cash does not accumulate beyond insured limits and is picked up on time.

At the Bank

Our bank reconciliation systems ensure that money that was destined for the bank made it there and the amounts have not changed. We provide fully automatic bank reconciliation with exception alerting.

Accounts Integration

Cash Received to Accounts Receivable

Verify and automatically post nightly cash sheets to your final accounts receivable. No more manual data entry or Excel imports.

Analyze Payments

Analyze payment methods and make sure you are not being overcharged by payment processors. Compare your metrics to others in the industry.

Device Failure Detection

Failed credit card devices can mean unhappy users - make sure you get alerted as soon as there is an issue.

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